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Does Working Remotely Affect Productivity?

Do people really work hard at home? Small and large businesses are slowly accepting that personal lives and customer needs mean Dolly's dreaded 9-5 is over.

It's a subject close to our hearts because here at YCBM we all work in the office and remotely. Come 3:30pm, many of us leave our Mill Street office for the school run; heading home with kids, book bags, dogs and scooters in tow. Once said kids and dogs are fed and watered, out come the laptops and the kitchen table becomes our new offices. And it all works really well. We use some excellent remote working tools to help us.

The other reason we work remotely is down to time zones. We're based in Blighty, so we use the evenings to connect with our US office and provide support to our overseas customers when your working day is just starting.

So what tools do you need to keep employees connected, motivated and working hard? We've found that these beauties have given us a helping hand:

None of these tools apply exclusively to remote teams - they actually encourage teams to make notes of key ideas and update in the correct place. As individuals, you might all be working on your own tasks, but you can’t lose sight of the overall focus of the team. Having a central point where you can check the overview of all the tasks is crucial.

This is where a tool like Breeze or Trello can make a huge difference. At a glance, you can see the progress of the whole task, rather than just your individual role in it. This helps keep team members in touch with what everyone else is doing. It’s also a powerful motivator. If you can see that everyone else has finished their part in a task, you're much more likely to finish your element on time!

We still have a weekly meeting where we use a Kanban board to talk about the progress of each task. People who are not in the office join by Google Hangout or Skype, but it remains an actual conversation. We love using Slack to keep all team members up to date on any changes, developments or points we need to be aware of over the course of day.

And sometimes to send comedy emoticons to each other :o)

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Working remotely could revolutionise your productivity - with the addition of a few tips and tools.

Here’s how the team at YouCanBook.me use remote working to manage our schedules better.

This article was written by Alice Smith. Alice is one of Product Support Advisors, she is a serial blogger, a total word-geek and has a weird passion for scrapbooking. You can read other blogs by Alice Smith here.