Product Updates

Easily jump between bookings from different profiles


Improved bookings view on our revamped Bookings page. Seamlessly switch between booking profiles, or view bookings across all profiles, without leaving the page.

Easier subscription management


It's now easier to view how many calendars you're paying for, change your subscription and billing format, and purchase SMS credits - all on a redesigned billing page.

Advanced passthrough and hidden questions

new feature

Include internal data or capture information about a booker on your form without adding unnecessary steps to the booking process.

The information you need to keep on your bookers can be sent using query string data in the URL and stored on the booker’s record for your reference or to send to another one of your business management tools, like your marketing automation tool or your CRM.

How to setup passthrough and hidden questions

Auto-detect phone number validation

new feature

Instead of your booker manually choosing their country code, we now automatically detect and update this for them in the correct format. We even auto detect mobile numbers, which is useful for sending SMS reminders.

Want to set up SMS reminders?


new feature

Webhooks give you the power and flexibility to push data from YCBM into other applications. Create a Slack notification every time a booking is made, update your CRM or marketing automation tool, send booker information to another business app, and more!

Learn about the power of webhooks here

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