Product Updates

Shorthand code widget

new feature

Personalize communications with your bookers by using shorthand codes. Easily populate email and SMS templates with common or custom shorthand codes you have created on your booking form, all with a few clicks.

Email and SMS templates of the most used notifications

new feature

Customize your communications with your bookers. Easily populate your emails and SMS messages with our suggested actions that offer templates of the most popular emails and notifications.

Harnessing the power of Notifications and reminders

Consistent booking grids with templating

new feature

Help your team set up their profiles quickly with booking profile templates. Master accounts can now create a branded default template profile which will be applied to all new profiles on team accounts.

How to create a template for your team

Delete bookings from your booking history


We've improved this feature and brought it to the newest version of Now you control what data you keep in your account, with an easy way to delete old bookings and customer data.

Learn how to manage your bookings via the platform

Now add password protection to your grids

new feature

Control who views your booking grid with password protected grids. Only bookers you give the password to will be able to make a booking.