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Tighter Zoom password security and improved appointment types page

Booking pages Edit settings

What's new?

  • We added an "edit settings" button to booking pages. You'll see it if you're logged in and looking at one of your booking pages. It means you can test things out, and quickly jump back into edit mode if need be.
  • You'll notice a log in button on the sign up screen and a sign up button on the login screen, meaning you can more easily switch between them both.

What's changed?

  • We've updated how we generate Zoom call passwords so your video calls are even more secure.
  • On the appointment types page, the "continue" button is always in view, and isn't clickable until bookers choose an appointment type, making it a better experience for bookers.
  • We improved the CSS on the accept and reject booking screens.

What's fixed?

  • We fixed a small quirk where changing the booking duration on the booking form also changed the time format from 12hr to 24hr.
  • We also fixed a problem where checkboxes weren't working on booking forms. Thanks to everyone who reported it and helped us fast track a fix!

Extra translations and better visibility of Zoom integration

Static site Booking pages Edit settings

What's new?

What's changed?

  • The event location interface (in Notifications > Calendar events) has changed. It now includes Zoom so it's even easier for you to schedule remote calls.
  • We updated all notification defaults. They'll only take effect on new notifications and are a more consistent template for you to make your own.

What's fixed?

We had a small bug that was showing a yellow YCBM logo in place of a “pending” icon in the actions timeline. It wasn't impacting any functionality but we figured we'd better stick to our brand guidelines.

Performance improvements, markdown toolbar & SMS credit counter


This month, we made some performance improvements to the dashboard, making it faster and more responsive.

We also added a markdown toolbar to text fields in your booking page settings. They'll help you style text, and add images, links, and shorthand codes to booking pages and notifications.

And, we added a counter to SMS message fields to give you more of an idea of how many SMS credits each notification will use.

Popular notifications, scheduling for shops, and static site refresh

New feature

We've added a popular notifications block to the Notifications section. They're one-click quick actions so you can add notifications like reminders and follow-ups to your booking flow.

We've also created a new page on scheduling for businesses who are making the switch to socially distanced shop visits.

Lastly, you may have noticed some visual updates to our site. These changes come as we work to create a harmonious, clear, and more accessible experience across all platforms.

Brand new dashboard view and more fantastic awards


This month, we added a grid view layout to the dashboard which lets you see more of your booking pages at once. Switch to this view by clicking the 3 vertical lines at the top of your dashboard, beside the search and sort options. We also made it easier to create new booking pages by adding an option to do so at the top of your dashboard.

We're very proud to announce that G2 Crowd recognized in their Top 100 Best Software Companies list.

And in the Crozdesk Top 20 Software Products of 2020 Calendar and Scheduling list — we came in at number 1!

Pause subscription and brand assets


We added a pause subscription option so you can stop your subscription without canceling completely. We'll keep any remaining time and credit it to your account to use when you're scheduling again. We originally designed this to help our seasonal customers but, in response to COVID-19, we thought it'd help many others. You can read more about our COVID-19 response here.

We also added a new page on our static site to provide brand assets to those sharing, collaborating, or writing about You can check it out here.

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