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WCAG 2.0 AA, API, and SMS replies

Booking page Teams Warnings

First off, we want to share that our latest accessibility improvements mean our booking pages are now WCAG 2.0 AA compliant!

It means that our booking pages are accessible to a wider range of people. To read about our commitment to accessibility, and what assistive technologies and browsers we support, you can visit our Accessibility Statement.

What's new?

We've added the option for you to generate your own API key from your account settings. Customers previously had to access their key via our Support team so we know that, for those using our API, this will save time.

Head over to our API Knowledge Base article to find out more about accessing and using our API.

What's changed?

  • Replies to SMS notifications are now sent to the appropriate team member rather than the account owner. This will prevent account owners from having to forward these SMS replies to their team and save them time.
  • We've updated some of our warnings to be clearer and proactively tell you about things happening on your account.
  • There's also improved messaging for trial users to let them know what's included, and what happens when the trial ends.

Squashing bugs and improvements for teams

Teams Settings Warnings

Each year we use January as an opportunity to squash some bugs. It means we can focus our energy on fixing anything outstanding and then switch the focus to new features and improvements. We also made some updates to Team management & centralized billing.

What's changed?

Notable Team management changes include:

  • Updating the team member Zoom dropdown to be the same as the calendar dropdown. It's now easier to search for and connect Team members with their Zoom integration.
  • Making sure team members can cancel bookings using {OWNER-CANCEL} and {OWNER-CANCEL-LINK} shorthand codes. Before this fix, team members couldn't cancel bookings using these links.

What's fixed?

As mentioned, there was a lot of bug fixes this month, including:

  • Making sure any errors cleared after updating break times. Before, the errors kept showing until after a page refresh, making it a little confusing.
  • Improving how we handle long calendar names in the list of available calendars. Previously, long names didn't show in the list!
  • Making sure the {PRICE} shorthand code shows in calendar events and confirmation emails.

Team management, easier calendar searching, and email verification

Teams Notifications Settings

What's new?

We know many of you have started using our new Team management functionality and we've had great feedback from you already. As more of you start to use Team management we wanted to highlight again some of the key things we've introduced:

We have lots planned to continue improving and making even better for teams so watch this space in 2021!

Aside from the above, we also added an interactive product tour to our website. It helps to further illustrate how works to help save you, your team, and your customers time.

What's changed

Following the success of searching for team member calendars, we've also improved the filtering and calendar management of our non team calendar selector too.

Finally, we've introduced an updated flow to verify the email address you send email notifications from. This ensures you're sending from a valid email address and helps protect your reputation by ensuring others can't use an email address they don't own.

No shows, improved team calendar dropdown, and accessibility updates

New feature Teams Bookings

What's new?

You can now track and see booking attendance rates with No Shows! Simply mark a booking as a no show and you'll see a “no show: tag beside it on your bookings dashboard. You can also export that data to a .CSV file to use as you like.

You'll see the option appear on your bookings dashboard after a booking starts and a new column titled “No Shows” on bookings exports.

You can read more about No Shows here.

What's Changed

It's now a lot easier to assign calendars to team members. As a follow up to Team Management, we've updated the team member calendar dropdown. Instead of scrolling till you find what you want, you can now type to filter the list and find what you want quicker.

We've redesigned our Jobs page and About us page to champion our company values and share the story.

We also made some accessibility improvements. Screen readers will now let customers know when the “Next week” and “Previous week” buttons aren't active.

Introducing Team Management

New feature Teams Integrations

What's new?

We're very excited this month to tell you about our new beta functionality — Team management & centralized billing!

With this new way of managing your team,

  • it's easier to access team members' calendars and add them to booking pages,
  • team members can integrate their own Zoom accounts to generate unique Zoom links for new bookings
  • you can assign different roles to different users. Allow some users to only share their integrations so you can add them to booking pages, or make someone an Administrator to allow them to edit and manage booking pages and bookings,
  • and, billing for the whole team is in one place, keeping everything streamlined and centralized.

Head over to our Team Management support doc to find out more about how to get started.

Squashing bugs

Bookings Settings Performance

What's fixed?

We dedicated some time to squashing bugs this month, including,

  • a fix for a scenario that was causing problems for some users trying to make changes to deleted bookings,
  • UI improvements like making the navigation bar more responsive on smaller screens, improving text readability, and icons throughout the app,
  • performance updates including making app components load faster, and updating the responsiveness of warnings,
  • improved validation on our bookings export form to avoid invalid or mistyped email addresses,
  • and, lots more under the hood to keep delivering a great experience for you and your customers!

Our team has also been hard at work on some exciting new functionality for teams — more details to follow!

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