Product Updates

Introducing the new dashboard


The new dashboard makes managing, searching and filtering profiles easier than ever. We've also introduced the ability to put profiles into folders, allowing you to organise your booking profiles.

Stay organized with Dashboard folders

Improved visibility of account information


We've improved the visibility of account information, ensuring you are kept in the loop about anything involving your account, including potential problems and how to prevent them.

Complete control over your booking data retention

new feature

You now have complete control over how long we hold your booking data in our system. By default we hold this data for 2 years, but you can edit this to be as long or as short as you want.

Deleting your booker's data


new feature

With YCBM labs, you can try out new features before they are officially released. It's easy to turn the features off and on, and you can provide us with feedback on the features you try - helping us shape the future of!

How to start using YCBM Labs

Ability to set reschedule limits

new feature

You can now set reschedule limits as part of your cancellation limits setup. You choose how many hours before the booking a customer can cancel or reschedule. And you can edit the message your customer sees if they do one or the other.