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Getting you up and running faster


If you're a new or future user of, you'll experience our new onboarding flow after signing up. Improvements include a shortened account details form, meaning you get to the app quicker. We added a to-do list to the dashboard so you get an idea of how things work. And, to fast-track you to becoming a scheduling pro, we redesigned the settings walkthrough to show you the basics!

Translations, transactional emails, hiding unavailable rows, and Stripe SCA


There are a few updates to mention for September. We spent some time improving booking page translations. We also refreshed some of our transactional emails, so keep an eye on your inbox. Booking pages using the new experience now hide unavailable rows by default, meaning available times are front and center. And, we've also been hard at work making sure we meet Stripe SCA requirements.

Make the switch to the new booking experience


Remember we mentioned our new booking experience? Lots of YCBM users already use it and over the coming weeks, we’ll be prompting more accounts to make the switch. We've designed it so you can preview your booking pages before switching over.

We've also made embedding improvements for this new experience, making your booking page more flexible and responsive when embedded in your website.

Keeping you in the loop


We've added a status page to the site. And if there are any problems, a status bar will follow you around, making sure you're kept in the loop. You can always see the latest status of all our services by visiting

You might notice this isn't the only addition to the static site. Have a look around you'll see a brand new look, complete with a fresh layout and new custom illustrations.

Brand new booking experience


Check out our new booking experience! It not only sports a new look but performs better and is more accessible. We've also redesigned the mobile experience, making things easier to use. Early testing shows a 21% increase in bookings on the new experience, so we're confident that you and your bookers will love it! Look out for the option to switch your booking pages to the new experience soon.

Zoom has landed!

New feature

We're excited to announce our Beta Zoom integration. Use it to save time and simplify setting up remote meetings. When a booking is scheduled, a unique link is generated for that booker. It's added to notifications and event details to keep everyone in the loop. To start setting up, head to your integrations page and connect your Zoom account.

Find out more about how to set up your Zoom integration

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