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What can our tool do for you?

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Using has brought business benefits beyond simply managing customer numbers. We now know that booking online is a strong indicator of a sale. It adds visibility for the staff in store. And the data allows us to be more precise with our business planning. It just makes a lot of sense.
Louis-Félix Boulanger, COO
There are calendaring options that are already part of Student Information Systems but there are none that have the flexibility or customizability that has. We were able to integrate with our Student Information System and that was a huge factor in the decision to use it.
Danny Ryel, Executive Assistant
The personalization, both internal and external, has been and continues to be the most important benefit that we see from
Greg Swedberg, Business Process Analyst
cs-logo (1) has a clean interface, allows SMS notifications, works great for teams and is a highly effective sales and communication tool – we absolutely love it.
Deepak Shukla, Founder

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