What's in the report:

  • The most popular day and time for customers to meet
  • Who is using online scheduling and why 
  • How much time online scheduling really saves
  • Why online scheduling makes such a difference to productivity
  • Which features have the biggest impact on customer experience 
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Online scheduling works for every sector

Gone are the days when online bookings were confined to B2C operations. Professional Services, Higher Education, and large corporate organizations now routinely offer online scheduling, particularly for Recruitment, Sales, and Customer Service teams. 

Online scheduling is an easy-to-implement, low-cost solution for

  1. Customers demanding convenience in all their business interactions
  2. Brands aiming to create a consistently excellent customer experience 
  3. Teams optimizing for better productivity and focus
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Key findings

We surveyed more than 350 online scheduling users from around the world and more than a dozen sectors to find out why they offer online scheduling and how it benefits their business. We also analyzed booking data from more than 250 high-volume accounts to understand today’s booking trends.


Time savings

Saved 10 minutes or more per booking



Reported improved productivity


More bookings

Increased bookings by 25% or more


Customer experience

Saw a better customer experience


Team productivity

Made their team more productive


Attendance improvement

Saw a reduction in no-shows

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