Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 - response

We know the COVID-19 virus is creating disruption and risk for all of our customers' communities and loved ones.

It is our duty at to review and consider what it is we should be doing now, later, and longer-term.

We are just at the start of this process, so we are working up from small steps, so please bear with us!

Bridget Harris


What we are doing today

Making video calls easier

Starting today, through to the end of June, we are lifting paid restrictions on our Zoom integration. This means that anyone on the free plan will be able to integrate their (also free) Zoom account, during this time and create unique Zoom-room links.

We hope this will ease any friction in setting up easy remote calls for people who suddenly have to work from home.

Our team is also going to look at options for supporting other video conferencing tools.

What we intend to do this week

Introducing subscription pausing

We understand these are challenging times. In a bid to help, we're looking at introducing a pause option on our subscription plans. This will allow you to pause any time you have left on your subscription and then reactivate to use it at a later date. We're hoping this will provide more flexibility during the coming weeks and months.

More help for schools

While that is a start, we are looking at other ways we can help our customers and users in state (ie non fee-paying) schools in Europe and public schools in America, who are facing sudden whole-school closures.

We have a huge number of schools and colleges who already use for free, or on the 30% discounted plans.

We aren't saying we think our software is going to provide all the answers, but we think scheduling and coordinating teachers and students into classes is going to have a place somewhere.

So our team is working this week on how we can offer a highly subsidized (if not free) version of, beyond the 14 day free trial period.

What we intend to do this month

The situation is changing rapidly, and at a different pace in different parts of the world.

We are keeping a close eye on things, from the perspective of our solution and the problems our customers are suffering.

We do not want, as a business, to be contributing to the hardships of our small business customers who suddenly find themselves without customers themselves and need to review all their costs

We don't yet have an answer about what we can do, given that our core product is already free.

As any business, we need to ensure the viability of our company and security of our employees.

Nevertheless, we need to recognize that economics have changed, and we are looking at what our priorities are over the long term and will adjust accordingly

That's it for now

  • Stay together, but keep apart
  • Wash your hands
  • Take care of those who need you the most

Yours, everyone at