Custom notifications and workflow

Be it emails, SMS messages or webhooks, you can customize the type of notifications and messages that works best for your scheduling process. You also control what these notifications say, and when they are sent.

Customize your notifications

Booking confirmations, reminders & follow-ups

You and your customer receive a booking confirmation whenever a booking is made. Reduce no-shows by sending your customers booking reminders, and use follow-up emails to send more information after a meeting, ask for feedback or to simply thank them for their time.

Add booking confirmations and reminders

Custom shorthand codes to personalize your messages

Personalize communications with your customers by using shorthand codes from your questions to dynamically output answers in emails and messages.

Use shorthand codes to personalize your messages

Customize your calendar events

When new bookings are scheduled, we create an event on your calendar with all the information provided by your booker. But the exact content and structure of this event is completely up to you.

Customize your calendar events

Send notification emails via Gmail

Improve delivery rates and increase visibility of booking notifications sent to your customers by sending via your Gmail account.

Connect your calendar

Add even more automation with Webhooks

You can use Webhooks to signal to another server or system whenever a booking is made, rescheduled or cancelled.

Create your booking page

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