Link to multiple calendars & never be double-booked again

We seamlessly connect with your Google, Microsoft, and Fastmail calendars to automatically update your free and busy times. Link multiple calendars to combine the different parts of your life into one manageable and synced schedule. 


Complete control over your availability

Create a recurring schedule or change it every week – it’s all up to you. Stop people from scheduling appointments at the last minute or too far in advance. Block time before and after appointments to set aside for breaks, travel, or prep work.


Perfect for a schedule that repeats each week. Just set your working hours for each day and your booking page will match it.
calendar managed icon

Calendar managed

Customize your schedule to bring order to even the most hectic calendar. Define different working days and availability every week to suit your needs.

Padding & breaks

Add buffer time before or after meetings to allow for travel or prep work. Schedule breaks for lunch or personal errands. 


Set different durations for various meetings. Fix your meetings to a specific amount of time or give your bookers the option to choose.

Min & max notice

Safeguard your time by ensuring bookers don’t schedule last minute or too far in advance.

Group bookings

Easily schedule group meetings (such as webinars or info sessions) by allowing more than one participant to book at the same time. 

Looking for even more control over your schedule?

These features make sure only the right bookers and meetings end up on your calendar.

Tentative bookings

Accept or reject all meetings before they are confirmed. Ensure you only take the ones that are worth your time.


Password-protected page

Worried that sharing your booking page will cause a flood of meetings? Limit access to your page by requiring a password to view it and make an appointment. 


Fixed start & end dates

Let’s say you want to offer free consultations, but only for one week next month. With fixed start and end dates, you can set specific time periods on your calendar for when people can book different types of meetings.

Say goodbye to calculating time zones

Scheduling across different time zones can be confusing. YouCanBookMe makes it simple by automatically detecting all participants' time zones, ensuring everyone sees the right dates and times. 


Cancel & reschedule in just a few clicks

Sometimes life gets in the way and that’s ok! Both you and your customer can cancel or reschedule appointments without any back-and-forth messages. All notifications and events will be updated instantly. Quick and easy. 

Avoid last-minute cancelations

You control how close to a booking a participant can cancel or reschedule, letting you avoid last-minute cancelations and changes.

Notifications to keep everyone in the loop

In case of any changes, SMS and email notifications automatically provide everyone with updated meeting details. Customize notifications to encourage people to reschedule or book a follow-up meeting.


We are a top rated scheduling tool

Hear from hundreds of happy customers about whey they love using YouCanBookMe

Increases My Business. When my clients tell me that they appreciated the ability to book an available time slot quickly.
Career Ownership Coach
I appreciate the automatic padding between meetings to ensure I have breaks between my calls and avoid 3 hour blocks of solid meetings.
Director of Communication & Education
This has been an amazing product. I love that it allows me to set custom times and meeting types in my calendar.
Lorri D
Love that it syncs with my calendar and that I can designate times when I am willing to meet and then other people can just choose from those times what works for them!
Stefanie D
It allows me to have a variety of appointment types and I can even charge for some. It's a great product that I'll continue to use to manage my calendar.
Maureen R
Founder, CEO
I love that YCBM allows you to make custom pages for different types of events. Within each event, the options are endless: group bookings, custom time slots, awesome notifications.

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