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Reduction in office staff dealing with student appointments


Hours saved per week, per team member


Reduction in student emails

What can YouCanBookMe deliver for your team?

Appointment scheduling software that saves you time and improves your student experience


Effortless accessible bookings 24/7

No back and forth to find a time. Students can make online bookings from any device, day or night in just a few clicks. Simple, automated rescheduling options. Data protection (GDPR) and WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) compliant.

More productive student meetings

No hanging around for office hours. A streamlined scheduling process gives you more time. Prepare for upcoming appointments with customizable booking forms. Unlimited reminders reduce no-shows.

Take control over your day

Easily manage when students can book with you. Syncs directly with your calendar for up-to-date availability every time. Padding and minimum notice periods give space between meetings

Student Financial Services

  • Add hyperlinks to your booking page to share financial aid documents and resources
  • Integrate a Gmail account to send confirmation emails and reminders from a shared inbox
  • Appointment types clearly signpost your financial aid services
  • Students can self-cancel/reschedule appointments
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Student Advising

Make sure those first weeks are as smooth as possible

  • Provide a reusable booking link students can use every time they need to meet
  • Add your whole team to the link and let students choose who to meet with, or pre-select it for them
  • Get information about what they want to discuss so you can prepare 
  • Unlimited reminders and SMS (SMS at an extra fee) to reduce no-shows
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Student Success Coaching 

Give them what they need to succeed 

  • 24/7 access to bookings means students don’t have to wait to reach out 
  • Easily adjust your schedule for week-to-week changes
  • Add meeting-specific instructions to emails so students come fully prepared
  • Find out what they need at the time of booking so you can deliver more effective coaching
  • Unlimited email & SMS reminders (SMS at an extra fee) to reduce no-shows
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Student admissions & Campus Tours

A great first impression for prospective students

  • Add booking page links to email signatures and on documentation to give prospective students an easy way to contact you

  • Offer in-person and video sessions

  • Automatically send prospective student information into your CRM

  • Unlimited reminders and SMS (SMS at an extra fee) letting them know directions, what to expect & next steps

  • Ask specific questions when they schedule to make sure they get the most relevant information

  • Easily control the times and dates of tours throughout the season

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Trying to onboard your whole university?

If you’d like to introduce online booking software campus-wide, get in touch and we can guide you through the process.
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Office Hours

Know who is coming ahead of time

  • Display available times for the whole term.
  • Easily adjust your schedule for week-to-week changes
  • Accommodate all students by offering in-person and remote sessions
  • Provide instructions and set expectations on your page so students can get ready to meet
  • Ask relevant questions at the time of booking so you can fully prepare
  • Unlimited reminders and SMS (SMS at an extra fee) to reduce no-shows
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Career Services

Available 24/7 for the help they need

  • Add a QR code to your office door or in student facilities for one-click access
  • Add all service options to the same booking link so students can pre-select their requirements
  • Automatically update your student database with meeting details
  • Add booking details directly to student calendars 
  • Unlimited reminders and SMS (SMS at an extra fee) reduce no-shows
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Real stories, by real customers

Find out how scheduling with YouCanBookMe drives positive change for teams like yours

  • "When we implemented YouCanBookMe, I had a full staff booking advising appointments. Pretty quickly, I went from six students down to two. Now the phone hardly ever rings. It really helps with efficiency."


    Brittany Wise College of Health & Human Services Student Success & Advisement Center
    View customer story

    How they use it

    Advisors at Missouri State University use the extra time they save using YouCanBookMe to see more students, develop new projects and provide a better advising service.

    Favourite features

    • Appointment types
    • Customized booking forms
    • Conditional statements
    • Reminders
    • Customized calendar entries
    • Flexible availability
  • "When we moved to YouCanBookMe, it was a breath of fresh air to be booking people within minutes."

    View customer story

    How they use it

    Advising and Career Services Department creates equity for non-traditional students by enabling friction-free booking for busy people. They save 5 hours a week for every team member.

    Favourite features

    • Appointment types
    • Follow-up emails
    • Integration with other systems
    • Customization of the booking form
  • "The reason I am here is to allow faculty to spend less time worrying about the technology, and more time helping their students. YouCanBookMe helps me accomplish that goal."

    View customer story

    How they use it

    Illinois College’s Office of Information Technology dramatically reduced phone calls, emails, and admin work, saving 12 hours a month, using YouCanBookMe.

    Favourite features

    • Appointment types
    • Padding
    • Embedding into LMS
    • Minimum notice
    • Customizable booking form
    • Conditional statements

Favourite features for thriving education teams

Used by universities and colleges to get maximum impact from YouCanBookMe

Booking form

Highly customizable and student-centric booking form with unlimited questions. Be prepared for every meeting, knowing in advance the student's needs.


Appointment types & flexible durations

Different meetings require different durations. Give students the time they need for the issue they have.


Customized communications

Send notifications specific to each scheduled meeting. Include different information based on the type of meeting so you know they’re getting the right information every time.


Calendar managed availability

Manage your availability directly in your calendar. Easily add or remove times as your schedule changes. Effortlessly set availability for different days and different locations. 


Unlimited reminders: emails & SMS

Reduce no shows with unlimited reminders. Combine emails and SMS (SMS at an extra fee) so students can’t forget.


Mobile friendly

Appointment scheduling software that works across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Students can schedule time while they're on the go.

Frequently asked questions

Deciding between the Paid plan or Free? Compare the features!

How are you notified when a student selects an appointment time?

As well as seeing new events appear on their connected calendar, advisors receive confirmation emails for new bookings. You can also add SMS notifications (SMS at an extra fee) to send to advisors for any new bookings they get.

Is it possible to add specific links in email signatures and program websites?

Yes, to direct students to a specific advisor, you can add extra information to your YCBM booking link. This extra information will take students straight to that advisor's availability.

How do you manage your meeting availability?

Once each advisor has shared their calendar with you, they manage their availability on that calendar. They don't need to log in to YouCanBookMe.

Does YCBM send auto-generated emails, such as reminder emails? If so, how much control do we have over these?

Yes, you can set up emails and SMS notifications (SMS at an extra fee) to automatically trigger at every stage of the booking process. These are completely customizable, you can tailor them to each advisor, and you can send as many or as few as you like.

Does YCBM work with a hybrid schedule?

Yes! Using conditional statements we can ensure students know exactly where to meet with you.

Can we offer group appointments?

Yes! using our units per slot feature, you can set up group counseling, online classes, tours, and more.

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