Personalized booking page for each teacher and advisor

Teachers and student advisors can have their own personalized booking page, each with a custom link. Students know where to go to schedule a meeting.

Let us do the admin work

Automatic, customizable communications at every stage of the booking process. Confirmations, reminders, follow-up emails and SMS ensure students and parents receive all the necessary details.

Keep your brand consistent

Maintain brand consistency by customizing booking pages and notifications so they look and feel like your school.

Student Success and Advising

Let students know how to reach you

Make it easy for students to schedule a time when they need to. Create a unique link for each advisor or list them all on one booking page.

Keep track of your schedule and student progress

Get an overview of all bookings by exporting data directly from Or use our Zapier integration to send data to other tools and track student progress.

Reduce no-shows

Help students to remember their booking with automated email and SMS reminders.

Customize the experience to match your brand

Parent / Teacher Conferences

Easy conference planning

Coordinate a seamless conference by sending your booking page links to parents to allow them to schedule a time that suits them.

Special subscription plan

Get in touch to access our one month plan that covers all your calendars for one low price.

Customers can schedule meetings from anywhere

Receive 30% off with our education discount

We offer an education discount for universities and non-fee-paying schools. Sign up with an .edu, or email address to receive the discount.

Resource Bookings

Schedule the way you need to

Set your schedule up to suit you, whether scheduling team members, technology carts, art equipment, or study rooms.

Flexible durations

Allow for flexibility and let students decide how long they want to schedule resources for — from 10 minutes up to a full day.

Customize the experience to match your brand

Campus Tours

Group sessions or 1 to 1

Ensure seamless tour planning by allowing groups of people to sign up for the same tour at the same time.

Keep communicating

Gather tour feedback and let prospective students know the next steps with automated follow up emails.

Customers can schedule meetings from anywhere

Frequently asked questions

How are advisors notified when a student selects an appointment time?

As well as seeing new events appear on their connected calendar, advisors receive confirmation emails for new bookings. You can also add SMS notifications to send to advisors for any new bookings they get.

Is it possible to add advisor-specific links in email signatures and program websites?

Yes, to direct students to a specific advisor, you can add extra information to your YCBM booking link. This extra information will take students straight to that advisor's availability.

How do Advisors manage their availability?

Once each advisor has shared their calendar with you, they manage their availability on that calendar. They don't need to log in to

Does YCBM send auto-generated emails, such as reminder emails? If so, how much control do we have over these?

Yes, you can set up emails and SMS notifications to automatically trigger at every stage of the booking process. These are completely customizable, you can tailor them to each advisor, and you can send as many or as few as you like.

How do I apply for an Education discount?

Our education discount gives eligible institutions 30% off our regular paid plan. To receive this discount, sign up with an edu, or email address. If you don't have an education email address, or already have a YCBM account, you might still be eligible for the discount. Learn more

Can we pay by PO?

Yes, you can pay by PO and all payments must be by credit card. We accept wire transfer for annual subscriptions totaling over $500.

Getting started is fast and easy

We offer an education discount for universities and non-fee-paying schools.

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Sign up with an .edu, or email address to receive the discount.