1Connect your calendar

First, connect your Google or Microsoft Outlook.com / Office 365 calendar to YouCanBook.me. We use this calendar to check your availability. We also add new events to this calendar when someone schedules time with you.

Connect your calendar

2Create your booking page

Next, create your first booking page. Enter your availability and choose the length of your appointments. Set up notifications to send to you, your team and your customers, and choose how your page looks to fit your brand.

3Share your booking page

Now it's time to share your booking page link. You can share it via email, your CRM, your help desk or embed it into your website.

Wherever you and your team connect with your customers, you can share your booking page link.

Share your booking page

4Customers schedule appointments

Customers can now schedule appointments without any back and forth. We handle timezone differences and only offer times if you're free in your connected calendar.

You can collect any information you need when your customers book. All which ensures a hassle free experience for you, your team and your customers.

Customers schedule appointments

5Bookings straight into your calendar

A new event will appear in your connected calendar when your customers schedule an appointment. It includes all the details you need to know. This lets you track your schedule in one place, knowing you'll never be double booked.

Bookings straight into your calendar

6Meeting takes place

Host virtual meetings using Zoom, Google Meet or MS Teams, or add location details for face to face meetings. Use automated confirmations and reminders to reduce no shows.

Great news, you've automated scheduling meetings for you and your team!

Meeting takes place

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