Flexible schedule and availability
Complete control over when you want to schedule meetings. Set up a regular weekly schedule or customize it for every week.
Cancellations and rescheduling
Both you and your customers can easily cancel and reschedule appointments online 24-hours a day.
View your booking records
View, cancel, reschedule and keep a record of every customer interaction.
Appointment padding
Add padding before and after appointments to allow for preparation or travel time.
Export your data
View the details of all your bookings and export your data to .csv
Manage the availability of your entire team
Let bookers choose whom to meet with or show the whole team's availability on one booking page.
Round Robin
Round Robin allows you to have more flexibility managing your team and optimize your bookings based on their availability. Choose to optimize for equal distribution, or optimize for availability for the booker.
Create calendar managed availability
Control your availability and when you want to schedule meetings even when your schedule changes every week.
Group bookings
Take more than one booking per time slot - or manage a pool of resources and let people reserve more than one at a time, up to your chosen capacity.
Limit bookings per day
Limit the number of bookings that can be scheduled in a day. From 1 to 50.
Appointment types
Present different booking options and let customers choose what they want. Offer different durations and prices.
Accept/reject booking requests
Complete control over your bookings. Accept or reject booking requests before they are confirmed in your calendar.
Password protect your booking page
Require a password from your customers before they can view your availability and book an appointment.
Take control over your bookings Learn more about managing bookings

Configurable booking form

Complete control over your booking form questions. Get the information you need for every booking.
Min / max advance booking notice
Control your availability with settings to stop people booking last minute or too far in the future.
Custom shorthand codes
Personalize communications by using shorthand codes on your questions and outputing the answer in emails and messages.
Set prices for your bookings
Calculate prices based on a specific service or hourly rate.
Take payments with Apple Pay & Google Pay
Captcha test
Protect your booking form from pesky spam bots with a simple 'Captcha' test.
Fixed start and end dates
Set a specific date or date range for taking bookings. Customers cannot book outside of these dates.
Different length appointments
Offer fixed length appointments or give customers a minimum and maximum appointment duration.
Redirect to a specific page after booking
Redirect customers to a specific URL to customize the experience or track booking conversions.
Block free email domains
Only allow business email addresses to book with you. Prevent free domains such as hotmail, yahoo, and gmail.
Customize your branding and style Learn more about customizing your booking page
Upload logos and images
Brand your booking page with your own logo and images. Personalize with team photos.
Personalized booking link
Take bookings with your own personalized booking links like '' or ''.
Works on all devices
Our responsive booking page lets customers book you from anywhere with any device.
Embed your booking page
Seamlessly embed your YouCanBookMe booking page directly on your website.
Format with Markdown
Format the text and layout of your booking page, emails and messages using Markdown.
Match your brand
Choose which color to apply to your booking page, ensuring it matches your brand.
Customizable notifications Learn more about custom notifications
Customize your calendar events
When appointments are scheduled, the event we create in your calendar is completely customizable by you.
Email confirmations
Customize the confirmation emails sent to customers once an appointment has been scheduled.
SMS notifications
Instantly notified of new bookings. Set-up SMS confirmations and reminders to significantly reduce no-shows.
Follow up emails
Send follow up emails after the appointment to get feedback, or to remind customers to book again.
Unlimited appointment reminders 
Reduce no-shows by setting up email and SMS reminders to remind your customers before an appointment begins.
Track no-shows & include in workflow
Mark bookers as a no-show and send that information into other tools. Set up email workflows to re-engage no-shows.
Auto detect timezone and languages
Everyone sees the right dates and times in a format and language that makes sense to them.
Take payments for bookings
With our Stripe integration, securely take credit card payments when bookings are made. (Additional fees apply)
Custom fields to personalize your messages
Add custom fields to emails and messages to personalize the experience for each customer.
Automatic rebook
Immediately book your clients for another appointment in the future.
Multiple booking pages
Create multiple booking pages for different types of scheduling.
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Lose the paper sign up sheet and automate the sign up so parents can easily book times convenient for them.
YouCanBookMe for Chrome
Share your YCBM link straight from your web browser into a variety of platforms without switching tabs.
Integrate with your Google and Microsoft Calendars
Integrate with your chosen calendar to display your availability on your bookings page.
Social sharing of your booking page
Easily share your booking page on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Linktree and more.
Virtual meetings
Automatically create unique virtual meeting links with Zoom, Google Meet and MS Teams.
Send notification emails with Gmail
Improve delivery rates and increase visibility of booking notifications by sending via your Gmail account.
Zapier makes it super easy to pass data from your YouCanBookMe bookings to 100's of other online services.
Google Analytics
Track views, conversions, and the performance of marketing campaigns for all of your booking pages with Google Analytics.
Connect to multiple calendars
Link to multiple Google or Microsoft calendars to check your availability from different calendars. Free accounts can only link to one calendar at a time.

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