Flexible schedule and availability

Complete control over when you want to schedule meetings. Set up a regular weekly schedule or customize for every week.

Cancellations and rescheduling

Both you and your customers can easily cancel and reschedule appointments online 24-hours a day.

View your booking records

View, cancel, reschedule and keep a record of every customer interaction.

Total control over your bookings

Learn more about managing bookings »

Configurable booking form

Complete control over your booking form questions. Get the information you need for every booking.

Min / max advance booking notice

Control your availability with settings to stop people booking last minute or too far in the future.

Custom shorthand codes

Personalize communications by using shorthand codes on your questions and outputing the answer in emails and messages.

Set prices for your bookings

Calculate prices based on a specific service or hourly rate.

Captcha test

Protect your booking form from pesky spam bots with a simple 'Captcha' test.

Customize your branding and style

Learn more about customizing your booking page »

Upload logos and images

Brand your booking page with your own logo and images. Personalize with team photos.

Personalized booking link

Take bookings with your own personalized booking links like 'yourname.youcanbook.me' or 'yourcompany.youcanbook.me'.

Works on all devices

Our responsive booking page lets customers book you from anywhere with any device.

Embed YouCanBook.me on your website

Seamlessly embed your YouCanBook.me booking page directly on your website.

Customizable notifications

Learn more about custom notifications »

Customize your calendar events

When appointments are scheduled, the event we create in your calendar is completely customizable by you.

SMS notifications

Instantly notified of new bookings. Set-up SMS confirmations and reminders to significantly reduce no-shows.

Email confirmations

Customize the confirmation emails sent to customers once an appointment has been scheduled.

Auto-detect time zones and languages

Everyone sees the right dates and times in a format and language that makes sense to them.

Take payments for bookings

With our Stripe integration, securely take credit card payments when bookings are made. (Additional fees apply)

Custom fields to personalize your messages

Add custom fields to emails and messages to personalize the experience for each customer.

Integrate with your Google and Microsoft calendars

Integrate with your chosen calendar to display your availability on your bookings page.

Social sharing of your booking page

Easily share your booking page on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.


Send notification emails via Gmail

Improve delivery rates and increase visibility of booking notifications by sending via your Gmail account.