Meet with anyone, anywhere

Virtual meetings booked through our online scheduling tool let you:

  • Schedule in seconds and reduce travel time to zero
  • Meet with your customers more frequently to build stronger relationships
  • Remove all scheduling friction by allowing customers to book straight into your calendar without any back-and-forth messaging
  • Hold more productive meetings by using tech to collaborate on documents, share presentations, and run polls or surveys


YCBM integrates with three of the most popular video conferencing platforms

Video conference links for group bookings

See the difference YCBM’s virtual meeting solution has made for companies and individuals across various industries.


Check out why our users love these features

Thousands of people have already simplified their online appointment scheduling with YouCanBookMe. 

It makes it easy for candidates to book phone and video interviews with our team. If they need to cancel or reschedule, they are able to do this on their own. We have completely eliminated the back and forth time-waster of everyone needing to check their schedules for availability.
Lauren M
Its simplicity means I save a lot of time on back and forths with people to agree a time slot, set up video call, share calendar invites. Very friendly interface, both for administering the system and for people making bookings, along with a reliable service and integration with a good range of standard services.
Mark P
You can customize the emails that are automatically sent to people who book appointments. A Zoom link is automatically created in case you are organizing a videocall and is also automatically sent to your clients. I love that this app automates so many tedious processes.
Virginia G
I have saved hundreds of emails and time. The interface with calendars makes it easy for the meeting to actually happen. When I don't use I have a high no-show rate. I love the zoom integration that happened in 2020, which makes everything so much simpler. I also just coded the site for in person or virtual options, which was very easy for a non coder.
Higher Education
Because so much of my job is virtual, meetings have to be scheduled remotely. The time involved in tracking down students, parents, administrators, and other key stakeholders can be excessive. automates the process in addition to adding meetings to calendars, sending reminder emails, etc. The amount of people who miss a scheduled meeting has gone down dramatically since I started using this program.
Education Management
Its easy to sync it to google calendar and have all meetings lined up well in advance. It syncs to zoom too which is great for virtual meetings.
Small Business