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Advanced API Course

Take things even further by exploring the API. This is designed to give everyone the ability to do more with less. Using the YCBM API you can adjust bookings, booking pages and build things out at scale.

What you will learn:

  • About REST APIs
  • How to build booking pages en masse
  • How to edit pages in bulk
  • and more!


Module 1

What Is An API?

In this first module you will explore what an API is and how it works. You will learn about JSON (Javascript Object Notation) the language applications use to communicate.

Image of integrations with YCBM

Module 2

Getting Started With The YCBM API

In this module you will get an overview of the different endpoints within the YCBM API. You will learn how you can read and create different assets within your YCBM account.

Booking page on multiple devices

Module 3

Set Yourself Up For Success

Learn what you will need in order to do things at scale through the YCBM API. This will cover getting your API key and how to use a tool called Postman to do all the heavy lifting.

shorthand code example

Module 4

Plan Out Your Template Needs

When building pages with Postman you can practically updated and edit anything. This module will walk you through how to structure things.

booking form editing

Module 5

Building Pages En Masse

This module will go further into Postman and have you complete your setup then build out things in bulk. You also will learn how to edit or PATCH pages you have already built.

sharing booking pages

Module 6

Your Next Steps

Now that you are an expert in all things API, you can explore other options to continue your training and where you can get additional resources and help.

screen shot of forum and support protal