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Learn what's included in each module of the Jump Start Course.


Meet YouCanBookMe

In this module, you will get understand what YCBM is and get an overview of how it works. 

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YCBM team

Setting up your account

In this module, you will get a run down of all account settings and page settings.

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Mastering your availability

Learn how to set up and control when you are available. This module will go through the two different options and important things to consider.

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Keeping your bookers in the loop

Ensuring that your bookers get notifications when a new booking is scheduled is very important. This module will walk you through the different options and how to set them up.

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Managing your bookings

How do you reschedule or cancel a booking? What is your bookings dashboard? Learn what options you have to manage your bookings.

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Share and embed your booking link

Promoting your booking link will help you increase the number of bookings you get. Learn how to embed the booking page on your site and the share options built into the tool.

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Your next steps

Once you have the basics down you can explore and learn even more. This module will show you the options you have to keep learning!

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