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Learn what's included in each module of the Team Setup Course.


Team account overview

In this module you will go over the structure of a team account and the various permission levels available to you. Inviting team members to your account will be discussed.

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Planning and Prep Work

In this module you will go over all the questions you should be answering before you get started. Building a good foundation for how you need things to go will set you up for success.

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Setting Up Your Templates

In this module you will see the power in creating templates using Shorthand codes to help you save more time.

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Manage Your Team

Learn how to invite your team members, the roles you can assign and how to manage your teams integrations.

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Testing Things Out

Ensuring that everything is working as you expect is imperative. Take some time to test every aspect of the booking process from both the team members perspective and the booker.

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Building Out More Pages

Now that your team is invited and the template is made you need to build out the rest of your pages. This video will walk you through how to do this and briefly touch on the API.

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Your Next Steps

This video will go over how to take your knowledge even further so you can continue to crush things for you and your team.

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