custom booking URL

your booking link on the web

How does it work?

Your booking link always ends "", but it can start with any simple string. If your company name isn't too long, this makes the perfect choice. Otherwise you might want to use an abbreviation. When you start out, the system will make some suggestions. After that you can change it to any free link by editing the setting on the basic tab.

Why Do You Need It?

A neat address for your appointments grid will make it really easy for your customers to remember where to go when they want to book you. You can add it to your stationery and include it in your email signature.

How to use this feature

When you first set up your account with us, the system will make some suggestions for your first booking link based on your email address. But at any point after this you can change the link to something that might make more sense to your users.

Every calendar link has two parts.

You can change the first part (called the "subdomain"), and the second part (the "domain") is always simply "".

To change the link for one of your booking profiles, go to the basic tab on your dashboard and enter the value you would like in the box:

If you choose something that is already taken, just try something else. This part of a web address is always case-insensitive and is shown by convention only in lower case letters. Use just the following characters : a - z, 0 - 9, dash and underscore.

multiple booking URLs

Each of your booking profiles will need a different booking link.

If it makes sense to set up a different one for each member of your team (because perhaps our 'teams' feature doesn't give you quite the flexibility you need) you might want to choose the links to include the organization name and that of the team member

Free accounts only have one profile, users on our paid plan can have an unlimited number of profiles.

Get your own personal web URL people can use to book you with - it can be anything you like '' '' you can even shorten it to!