cancellations and rescheduling

making it easy to make a change.

How does it work?

Simple cancel and reschedule links can be included in the email that you send out to the customer as soon as they book. They just click on them to make a change. Your calendar gets updated and you will get an alert email, but there's no extra administration steps for you.

Why Do You Need It?

Schedules change, and what might have been a perfect time for your customer could easily be different some point after they make their booking. You need a way for your users to make these kind of changes without you having to manage it manually.

How to use this feature

There are a couple of different ways that your bookings can get changed after they get made. Your users themselves can cancel or reschedule, and you as the calendar owner have two ways to do the same thing.

User cancels

By default, the email confirmation includes a 'cancellation link'. If you decide to keep this option in the message, they can click the link at any time. What happens then depends on your settings.

On the 'cancellation' tab, you can set limits on the time running up to the event that the user will be allowed to cancel. You would use these settings to explain that, for example, the user needs to call your office when they click on the link less that 24 hours before the time their booking was due to happen.

If they are earlier than any cut off you have set up, they will see a cancellation confirmation page. You control what this page contains.

Use the settings on the 'cancellation' > 'page' tab to set the content of the message you want to show. There is an option to allow for, or to require, the user to give you a reason for cancelling.

As soon as the user confirms that page, the event will be removed from your calendar and you will be sent an alert (if you have the initial alert configured to be sent).

User reschedules

Alongside the cancellation link in the confirmation email, you can send the user a reschedule link. This will take them to a list of alternative times that they could move their booking to. Once they click the underlying event on your calendar is moved to the new time. The other details about their booking remain unchanged. Again, an alert will be sent to your specified address.

You decide to make a change

There are two ways you can adjust bookings after they have been made. The simplest is to just open up your calendar and move or delete the event itself. Our system will fall in line completely with any changes you make this way (remember, we simply report and help people add to the contents of your calendar).

But you can also cancel a booking through our system. The email alert we send to you when the booking is made includes a link for you to do this.

Users on our paid plan can do this through 'dashboard' > 'bookings' > 'details' > 'cancel'). On the confirmation page you can then choose to send a message to the person who made the booking.

Both you and your customers can easily cancel and reschedule appointments online 24-hours a day.