a choice of Captcha tests

don't get booked by a spam bot - requires paid plan

How does it work?

You choose in your settings if you want to show the reCaptcha to your bookers. At the bottom of the booking form, they'll see a checkbox that they check to confirm they're not a bot.

Why Do You Need It?

Without this, you might have your booking form completed by a automatic process trying to sell you something.

How to use this feature

The reCaptcha test is added to all booking forms by default. When your customers fill out the booking form, they will see a checkbox at the bottom that they click on to confirm that they are a real person. Some users may see a more advanced reCaptcha test that shows a series of pictures that they have to select by clicking on.

Paid users have the options of removing the captcha altogether. This is safe if your URL isn't likely to be on public websites. As a rule, YCBM grids are not searchable by Google.

Any online form is at risk of being filled out by one of those pesky spam bots. Protect your calendar with a reCaptcha test.