send each user a record of their booking

How does it work?

You just check the box on the 'afterwards' > 'email to user' tab and if you like, adjust the default message. As soon as someone completes a booking through the system, your message will automatically be sent to them.

Why Do You Need It?

Sending out a confirmation is the easiest way for you to make sure your users have a permanent record of what they have booked with you. If they forget any detail, they can dig out the email to double check what they have signed up for.

How to use this feature

Once you check the box to turn on this feature (on the 'afterwards' > 'email to user' tab) you will see some settings to help you control exactly what form the email will take.

Choose a subject and a from name that will make it easy for the user to immediately understand the message (these two will display in their inbox, even if they don't open the mail).

Make sure the from address is a good one - your users may hit reply to this message if they need any more help with their booking.

The logo is a great way to immediately customize the email. Make sure the file isn't too huge (in an email, it is best to keep images down to just a few hundred pixels wide or high). To give the message a personal feel, consider uploading a photo of yourself here.

Both the subject line and text of the message can include mail merge fields. You will start in the default version of the message, we suggest including at least the following:

  • {START} Which will expand to be the start time and date of the booking.
  • {REF} A simple reference code that makes it easy to track down the booking (e.g. by searching your Calendar).
  • {FORMFIELDS} The easiest way to quote back all the information they filled out on the booking form.

As soon as someone completes your booking form, the system can send them an email. You can control exactly what this message will contain.