different length appointments

give customers a choice of how long to book you for.

How does it work?

A few simple settings allow you to offer appointments of different lengths. Your customers simply choose the length of appointment they want to book from a drop-down and we'll check your availability to make sure it fits. This works best when you are offering just one service: your time.

(If you have more than one service, see the services feature. on our paid plan)

Why Do You Need It?

Often you want your customers to be able to request extra time on top of your usual slot - such as students or patients knowing they need a longer consultation. You can also use this feature for booking out resources like laptops or meeting rooms where you don't know how long they want it for.

How to use this feature

There are two ways to allow your users to choose how long their booking will be. The simple way, described here, is just to set minimum and maximum limits.

For more control, where each available duration is tied to a specific service that you offer, you might want to look at our services feature.

For the simple option, you need to change settings in two places: on the 'times' tab and also on the booking form.

Setting duration on the times tab

The Times tab is where you set out your office hours and the grid display - you can also set the minimum, default and maximum duration allowed for each booking.

The dropdown will offer times which are multiples of the base slot length. Just adjust the values to the range that makes sense for you.

Note: This section will be greyed out if you are using the services feature, as this is an alternative way to set the duration of the booking.

Adding a duration choice to the booking form

To allow the user to choose their preferred duration is a two-step process that begins on the booking form.

Step One:

Create a new line and choose Booking Duration from the dropdown list.

Step Two:

Go to the TIMES tab and enter your shortest and longest appointment lengths in the minimum and maximum booking fields.

Now when your customers make a booking, they will see a dropdown list of options (between the minimum and maximum that you set) that they will be able to choose.

Give your customers the option of a number of different pre-determined appointment lengths, based on what you set as your minimum and maximum length of booking.