embed your booking page on your website

make sure people can book you directly from your website

How does it work?

If you have a website already it makes perfect sense to add your booking page to it. We have two options for doing this: one is embedding your grid directly on to your site using the codes on the embed page, the other option is to install a button on your site that takes people who click on it directly to your booking page.

Why Do You Need It?

Embedding your booking page on your website is a great way of making it easy for people to find your booking page and make an appointment. It's a seamless way to ensure people know that they can book time with you through YouCanBook.me.

How to use this feature

Click the embed button on your dashboard and go straight to the page where we have listed the code you need to copy and paste into the HTML of your site.

Select whether you would like to embed the page on your website (this keeps customers on your site) or whether you'd like to install a button on your site which redirects people through to your booking page, hosted on our site.

If you are embedding the booking page on your site, remember to check what it will look like for mobile users browsing your site. There's more information about this here on our mobile friendly feature page.

Embed a book now button in your email signature

You can add the Book Now button to your email signature as well.

In a gmail account, for example, go to the gear symbol in the top right hand of the page and select Settings. Scroll down to the Signature field.

Click on the "insert image" icon and, rather than uploading, enter the following URL:


When the button appears, highlight it by left clicking on it and then click on the link symbol to enter the URL of your profile.

For details on how to add a linkable image to your iPhone emails, click here.

A simple way to embed your booking page on your website so that people can book you directly from there.