follow-up emails

want to follow up to check if your clients were happy with the service? - requires paid plan

How does it work?

Helps you to maintain a business relationship with your clients by getting in touch to ask them to review your product, get feedback, offer a new service or remind them to book again.

Why Do You Need It?

This is a must-have feature for professional businesses who want to follow up and encourage more bookings in a way that automates the process. Some users will set up a reminder a year in advance - for MOT checks or to remind their customers about getting another haircut.

How to use this feature

Once you have switched on this feature, you will be able to customise the email sent and the period of time after the booking that you would like it to be sent.

You can edit the content of the email to suit your own preferences too. You can change the subject to be more relevant to your own business.

Another editable section is the name and address that the email is sent from. Make sure that the email address is a valid one if you do change it (if you leave it blank, the email will be sent from your account's email address).

Adding a logo can add a personal touch to the email and also help the user know what the email is related to, but make sure the image isn't too large (it is good practice to use smaller images in emails as larger emails distract the reader from the purpose of the email).

Finally, you can personalise the content of the email to better get across the message you wish to convey. This can include mail merge fields to use information that your customer provides.

After the appointment has taken place, you can set follow up emails to get feedback about the appointment or remind your customers to book again.