control how your google calendar events look

full control over how the new events appear on your Google calendar

How does it work?

There are settings in the system to give you full control over the new events we will becreating in your calendar. For example, you can specify exactly the title and thedescription of the event. You can find out more about how Google Events work on theirhelp video.

Why Do You Need It?

As you work, any time you glance at your calendar you need to see just the most relevant information. Then, if you choose to drill down to an individual event, you need to be see all the information about the booking.

How to use this feature

On the 'afterwards' > 'the booking' tab you see settings for everything to do with how we create events for you on the underlying calendar.

The 'title' is perhaps the most important thing for you to get right. This controls the text that will appear on the Google calendar.

This is likely to be the information you are scanning most often. Choose the most useful text you can so that even a quick look at your schedule on your phone will let you know what you have coming up. This is where our mail merge feature can really help.

For example, if you are using our services feature, you probably want to include the user's selected {SERVICE-NAME} in this setting.

The description setting allows you to control what text gets added to the larger text field for your events. There's no space limit here so you are free to add as much information about the booking as you need. By default, it will be set to include our {FORMFIELDS} tag. This adds all the information gathered on your booking form.

New event location (not available for iCloud users)

This setting allows you to tell Google what location to use for the new event. If all your events happen in the same place, just enter the address in this box. Use any format that works well in the search box on

But if the location depends on information that gets entered on the booking form, make sure you have shorthand codes set for all the questions and then include them with their curly brackets as in the above example.

Your Google events will now include a 'map' link.

When new bookings come in, we create an item on your Google or iCloud calendar. But the exact form this event takes is completely under your control.