specify available slots direct from your calendar ('On Duty')

build a stencil of your available times - requires paid plan

How does it work?

First you need to choose a key phrase to use on your calendar to denote when you are available - whatever makes sense for you. This could be simply "on duty", or maybe "available for bookings".

Then you create events (probably repeating ones) on the side using this phrase. We won't let anyone book outside of these times.

You can either create whole blocks of time, which people can book within, or specify exact slots which people can't book across (for example starting on the hour in the mornings, and on the half hour in the afternoons).

*iCloud users see the note at the bottom on setting up in iCal

Why Do You Need It?

Perhaps your 'office hours' change week by week. Maybe you only want people to book you on the first and third Thursday of each month. This feature gives you fine tune control over when exactly we will offer your time for people to book.

How to use this feature

You can find the On Duty setting on the Advanced tab.

By default your 'on duty events' setting is blank and our system will allow people to book you (within your office hours) any time that you are not otherwise busy on your calendar. That means if you need to fine tune this at all, you would need to 'block out' times on your calendar when you're not available.

The On Duty feature flips this around and allows you to specify the exact times you want to make available.

As soon as you enter anything in the box, the system will stop offering any times to be booked unless it can find an event on your linked calendar that has the matching phrase in the title.

Say for example you entered this in the box:

Then you create an event on your calendar with a matching name:

Note that this is set up to repeat at these times every Wednesday and Friday. Also, most importantly, at the bottom, it is set to be Show me as: Available. Now, the availability grid would look like this:

Now if you need to fine tune your availability, you could drop one of the repeated events, or perhaps add another block of time that you want to be available.

The normal rules of not booking you when you are busy still apply. Other events on the calendar side within the times you are on duty will still prevent you from being booked at those times.

You have the option of setting up a separate calendar to hold these stencil events, so that they don't crowd out your normal calendar view.

Note that when you create a full day event on Google Calendars, it defaults to be "Show me as: Available". But when you create one in iCal or specify a start and end time in either, it switches to be "Show me as: Busy".

*iCloud Users! There is a peculiarity in how you have to set this up. You can only mark On Duty events in iCal as 'available' via your mobile app. This option is not available on the desktop version of your calendar.

On Duty works by specifying the times you are available in your Calendar, and then setting the rules in YouCanBook.me to fit those times.