upload logos and images

Illustrate your booking process

How does it work?

There's a number of places in the settings that you can specify an image. At each point you can either upload a file from your local system, select from the library of images you have already uploaded, or - if you are hosting pictures elsewhere - simply tell us the URL.

Why Do You Need It?

By including your organization's logo, your users will immediately recognize that they are booking with the right people. But you can also use this feature to put specific images alongside each of your services and team members.

How to use this feature

You can include an image at the following points in the booking process:

  • Specify a logo or picture to use for the whole process. It will be included in the page header.
  • Each of your services and team members can have a dedicated image.
  • On each of the emails (confirmation and reminder) you can embed a logo or photo.

On each of these you have a choice of methods for linking the image. You will see a pair of settings that work together. You can either click to upload a file or enter the URL (web address) of a file already published somewhere.

Upload a file

Just click on the upload button to open a popup window with a file chooser in it. This allows you to browse your local file system for the image you want to include. Once you find it just click to add it. If you change your mind, just click the 'delete' button next to the thumbnail to get the upload button back and perhaps specify an alternative.

Once you have uploaded a few images this way you will see that you are building up a small mini library of image files with us. To choose a different image from your library, just click on it in the popup.

Specify a web address

If your image is already hosted somewhere - for example, your logo is on your website - you can just tell us the URL (web address) for it. Depending on your browser, there's usually a simple way to do this.

Open a new window and go to a page on the internet that includes the image you want. Now 'right click' the image to see the options. Often you can 'copy the image URL'. You then just need to paste this link into the URL box on the settings.

Users process images much faster than words. Our system makes it easy to manage a library of pictures and logos to include in your booking process.