separate booking profiles

because bookings are never 'one size fits all' - requires paid plan

How does it work?

Using more than one profile allows you to create a variety of schedules and scenarios to suit more complicated situations. All accounts have at least one profile - but you can add more on our paid plan.

Why Do You Need It?

Multiple profiles give you maximum flexibility for when your scheduling needs aren't quite so straightforward. They allow you to add another set of resources and settings, whether it is for people, locations or services.

You will need a different profile if you want to offer certain times only to certain people, or have different prices at the weekend for example, Profiles are a way to fix your bookings to exactly the conditions you need to set.

More than 30 profiles within reasonable use for one account

If you need a lot more than 30 profiles on your Business account please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can advise. If we think the number of profiles on your account will impact the performance of your account or if it contravenes our Terms & Conditions , we will contact you.

How to use this feature

Individual profiles have unique URLs and act completely independently of each other.

This means they are an excellent solution when you have numerous scheduling options.

  • Do your team members have very different availability?
  • Are you providing different services in different locations?
  • Do you offer clients a choice of 1-on-1 and group sessions?
  • Do you take payment for some, but not all, of your bookings?
  • Do you operate in more than one language?

The solution to all these requirements is adding another profile to your account.

To create a new profile, just go to your dashboard and view your existing profile(s). You can either 'copy' one you have already configured, or click on the 'create new profile' in the box below, and you'll see a new one appear.

This will give you a duplicate of your current booking profile - but with a different URL. The URL will by default show as "copy" but you can edit this on the Basic tab to reflect the new schedule.

You can edit this new profile to be exactly the way you need it. If you are creating a group session, just add the Units per Slot feature.

If you want to take payments, activate our Stripe integration.

If you operate in another language or location, choose the correct text and timezone and add directions or maps.

Your profiles will appear as a list on your dashboard.

Getting bookings for your new profiles

In order for your profiles to work, they first need to be made 'online' by using the toggle against each profile on your dashboard.

Each profile will have its own code for embedding on your website. You can find this by clicking on the 'embed' button in the relevant profile's edit box.

The separate URLs mean you can give the web address to only those people who need it, add Book Now buttons to different pages of your website or create a menu page where you give customers a choice of options and each option links directly to the correct schedule for them.

Create more than one profile on your account to handle all the different types of scheduling situations you have.