send appointment reminders

dramatically reduce no-shows - requires paid plan

How does it work?

You can send a reminder to your booker at a set time before their appointment is due to start. You decide when it gets sent. As with the confirmation email, you have full control over the text of the message that we send. Advanced users can include all kinds of dynamic information depending on the type of booking.

Why Do You Need It?

No-shows cost businesses huge amounts in terms of lost revenue and time. This feature helps make sure the appointment happens, and increases the chances of a repeat booking. The customer automatically gets a confirmation at the time of booking - but a timely reminder can make sure they have you in mind just before they are due to attend.

How to use this feature

There are three sub-sections on the 'reminders' tab. The first of these controls any email you want us to send to the user.

Check the box to activate this feature and choose an offset in minutes, hours or days that you need the message to be sent. Many of our calendar owners have the system set to send an email a day before the booking, for example.

If you choose to specify the offset in terms of 'days' you get some extra options to make sure the email appears in someone's inbox at a particular time, perhaps avoiding weekends (which means you can make sure reminders for a meeting on Monday go out on Friday, rather than Sunday).

The rest of the settings work in a very similar way to the confirmations feature. You can set all kinds of details about the email that will go out.

The different fields can use our mail merge feature to personalise the information for that user.

The reminder is sent to the same address(es) that the confirmation is sent to; those gathered on the booking form. You need to make sure that you have at least one item on your booking form of type 'email' (probably a required field) to make sure your messages are sent.

To reduce no-shows, you can set the system to send a reminder email to the user a set amount of time before their booking is due to start.