services - a choice of different duration and prices

what, how long, how much? - requires paid plan

How does it work?

For each service you want to offer, you specify a name and duration. Optionally, add a price, photo and full description. The system will present the list of services to your users at the start of the booking process.

Why Do You Need It?

Perhaps you want to let people book you for a couple of different reasons. A client's initial session might need more time than the regular follow up appointments. Or perhaps you need to offer a wide range of different services, each with a different duration and price.

How to use this feature

To get started with this feature, go to the edit page for your booking profile and click on the 'services' tab. Check the box at the top to activate it.

You then need to set up each of the services you want to offer. Begin by typing the name of your first service in the box. Choose the duration from the dropdown (you can change the choice of times by adjusting the basic slot length for your profile on the times tab). These are the only two mandatory steps. You can then click the button to keep adding services until you have them all set up.

To make a better looking menu of services, consider adding a few sentences about each one in the description box and upload an illustrative image/photo for each. Whether you are using our payments processing feature or not, you have the option of specifying a price for each service. You can change the currency that you charge people in by going to the Payments tab. Click the button next to 'calculate prices for your booking' and you will see the field to add/change your currency symbol.

Book Multiple Services

By default, the system will allow your users to book just one of your service choices. They just click on the name they want and are taken along to the grid of available start times.

But if you want to allow them to pick more than one choice from your menu, this is possible. Just check at the top ("Combine services in the same booking") and checkboxes will appear alongside each choice on your services page. Now the user can select as many or as few of the options as they like. The system will add up the durations and prices of everything they need. This works well for salons who offer a range of treatments that might be booked together.

If you decide to work this way, you can also include some services with zero length duration. This is good when you have an "optional extra" that might effect the price but not the duration. For example, perhaps you rent out equipment for attendees who don't own their own kit. Another example: the option to have the session video recorded.

Ordering the Services

Once you have the services set up, you might want to rearrange the order they appear in. To do this, just click the little minus sign on the right of any expanded service. This will then show a double headed arrow for each one. Grab that with your mouse to move a service up or down to its new position.

Service Groups

This advanced feature can help a lot if you have a very long list of services. It works by including a group name at the start of each service name, in the same format. For example, you could name your services like this:

  • Flights : Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Flights : Standard Blimp Ride
  • Flights : Good Year Blimp Ride
  • Flights : Two Man Blimp Ride
  • Lessons : 60mins
  • Lessons : 120mins

Then, after checking the box at the top to group them and selecting the semi-colon from the dropdown, the choices will be presented in these groups - "Flights" and "Lessons" and so on.

When using this option take care to include the correct separator character in every service name and be sure to gather the groups together in your list.

You don't always get booked for the same reason. Use services to present your clients with a choice so they can book what they want.