share your booking page online

share your grid and let people know that they can book you online

How does it work?

The share button on your dashboard lets you tell the world about your booking page. Choose from a range of options so that you can spread the word about your online booking page on whichever platforms you prefer.

Why Do You Need It?

Publicising your booking page is a good idea so that more people know that they can book you online. Choose the platforms that you use the most - the more places your booking link appears, the more places people can find to book you online. Or share your booking page in an email, as a link or via QR code.

How to use this feature

Your custom booking url appears at the top of this page - if you click on that it will show you how your booking process will appear to your users, so this is a good chance to check you are happy with everything.

When you are totally happy with the appearance of your page, simply select the platform you would like to share your booking page on from the list and follow the instructions for each one.

Once you have created your booking page, you need to tell people about it so they can book you online.