set the schedule for the week

set out your office hours

How does it work?

You set your availability in two ways. First of all using the boxes on your settings page, you can set the outline of when you want to take bookings. But this is only half the story. Because we build on the information in your Google or Apple Calendar, you have complete control over when people can book you.

Why Do You Need It?

You probably only have a subset of the working week that you want to make available. By setting broad limits to when bookings can be made you can efficiently pack in the bookings at the right time for you. For example, you can enure you are never booked before 9.30am

How to use this feature

Shaping your availability for bookings happens in two places. First of all on the 'times' tab of the settings on you set the broad outline. Then to add more detail, you work with events on the underlying calendar to fine-tune as much as you need.

Your office hours

To start with, go to the 'times' tab and check the boxes for the days of the week you want to be available. Each day can have its own start and end time.

Use the dropdown list at the bottom to tell the system whether days which are not included should be hidden completely.

The earliest start time of the week has special significance. This, along with the slot length (the "display X minute slots" setting, on the right), sets up a grid of slots for the entire week. At the moment, our system forces all the bookings to happen at some point on this strict grid of times.

Below the slot length, on the right hand side of the times tab, you can set the range of durations you would like to offer. See our durations feature page for more information about these.

Also on the times tab, there's a number of other settings to further control how the pages of your booking grid are displayed. You can change the day used as the start of the week, how many days to show on each page and also set a single lunch break in the middle of the day.

After the page has saved you should see the preview at the bottom of the screen update. Slots will be bookable only for those times that you are free on the selected calendar.

Fine tuning your availability

All of these settings are just about setting your broad office hours. But a key strength of the system is that it is built directly on the detail of your actual activities. Coming in late one day because of a dental appointment? The system will spot that on your calendar and know not to allow any bookings. Regular staff training day on the first Thursday of each month? Just add it to your calendar as you normally would - will make sure no bookings come in at that time.

Note: If you find you are creating lots of these 'blocking events' to show the sort of availability that you need, it might be better to use our paid plan on duty events feature.

You set the grid to show the days you are usually available, including start and end time, lunch hours and whatever is your usual schedule.