Don't speak 'YCBM'? Don't worry - we've translated for you!


This can be your YCBM account which is set up with an email address. Whenever you get in touch with the YCBM team, let us know your account email address so we can take a look at things for you.

It can also be your primary Google or iCloud account, which is where your individual calendars sit. One account can contain lots of calendars. This includes calendars that have been shared with the account. Business users of YCBM can link to more than one account, including a mix of Google and iCloud accounts.


We've been told that the rest of the world calls them Appointments. But you know what we mean!


For YCBM, calendars are the system calendars you link your profile to. This can be Google, iCloud,, or Fruux. You can have lots of subcalendars on your main calendar account and you can share calendars between accounts. You connect your profiles to one (or for upgraded users, more) calendars. One thing to note is that each Google calendar can have its own timezone, different from the main account timezone. iCloud calendars all have the same timezone.


This is the settings symbol. It is also known as a 'gear'. It is particularly interesting to us that it derives from the gubbins inside a watch so whatever term you use, it's all about managing your time!


The complicated stuff inside that makes things work.

On Duty

This is the feature you use to tell YCBM when you want to be available to take bookings, by adding an event to your Google or iCloud calendar with a special phrase. It's a super feature that introduces loads of extra flexibility to the tool. Find out more about it here. Please note, if you are using On Duty with an iCloud calendar, you will have to set your availability ('free'/'busy') using your mobile app.


A Profile is the schedule that you create on YCBM. Each profile has a unique URL that customers need to know in order to make a booking with you. And each profile has it's own set of features that will be active for all bookings made through that profile. If you need more than one set of features, you can create more than one profile to achieve what you need.You can embed a profile in a website, or you can link to it in an email.


Within YCBM, these are different types of appointments (like a walking meeting vs a Skpe meeting for example). You can set them up with different lengths or different prices. The main thing to remember is that it is different types of appointments that can be done by one person (or resource).


In the UK, we use s's instead of z's, and a lot of u's! So if you see 'customise' or 'colour', please don't hold it against us!