We're really excited to introduce our latest availability display option: Agenda View. 

Like its siblings Month View and Day View, Agenda View gives you another option for customizing your booking experience exactly the way you need it. 

Agenda View

Agenda view shows only times that are available, multiple days at a time.

If you have limited availability one week, it will automatically show free times for following week so your bookers don't need to scroll from week to week to find a time. 



So now you have three views to choose from to create the best booking experience for your customers. 

Month View

By default, your booking page will be set to the Month view. This is a simple, clean display that allows customers to easily see the weeks ahead at a glance. 


Day View

If your meetings need to happen "as soon as possible" - or if you're scheduling for an event that only lasts a few days - you might want to switch to the Day view, which automatically jumps to the next available day.  


If you’ve got more than one booking page on your account, you can have a mix of displays depending on the types of meetings they are.

Who is it for?

Salespeople who want to offer appointments to prospect straight away. Now you can easily see upcoming free times for days or weeks in advance.

Event organizers who take bookings over a limited number of days. Attendees don't need to see the month view to find a time that suits them.

Your customers aren't booking with us, they're booking with you. Now you can create the best booking experience for both of you!   

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