Ready to be discovered? Booking page visibility lets you decide

Showing up in search engine results can be a powerful way to attract both prospective and existing customers to your booking page. 

But it could also disrupt the flow of your carefully planned sales funnel, or allow people who shouldn’t have access to your page to make a booking. 

Now, you get to decide what works best for you. 

Set your booking page visibility 

We’ve introduced a new feature that lets you set your booking page visibility and choose whether or not it appears in search engine results. 

For most web pages, search engines perform what is called indexing. This allows the page to be found when someone performs a related search. That means more access for more potential customers.

If you'd rather your page doesn’t show up in search results, you can now choose to add a special tag to the booking page that tells the search engines not to index it. 

It's down to the search engine to honor this tag, so it’s not a guarantee that it will hide your page completely. But it will make it much less likely that the page will be visible in a search. 14—Booking Page VisibilityWhy might you want to prevent your booking page from showing up in search engine results?

  • You want to limit who can book on your pages. You can always password protect the page, or hide it behind a login modal. But using this new feature makes it less likely to be found by someone who shouldn’t have the link. 
  • You have your YouCanBookMe booking page embedded in your website. Selecting ‘Hide booking pages from search engine results’ reduces the chance that bookers will come across it as a standalone page, so the booking experience remains in your brand environment.
  • You’re creating a series of new booking pages. You may want to stop search engines finding them until you’re finished and all of them are ready for prime time.

By default, all new accounts’ booking pages are set to be visible in search engine results. To change that, head to the Your Account section of your settings. 

Setting your booking page visibility preference is available to paid accounts that have a subscription for 2 or more calendars.

It is an account-level setting so it applies to all booking pages on your account. If you’re using Team Management, only the Account Owner will be able to make the change.

Our new booking page visibility setting gives you more control over how and where your booking page is viewed. 

That’s your bookings, your way!


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