editor role and extra account security

What's new?

The Editor role is now ready for you to use!

After someone's joined a YouCanBookMe Team, they can be assigned the Editor Role and given access to select booking pages. This means you can have your whole organization on one account and have full control over who can access what.

Find out more about Team Management and YouCanBookMe account roles.

Another important change was the release of two-factor authentication, meaning you can add an extra layer of protection to your account. Once set up, you'll log in normally and then be prompted for a security code generated by your authentication app.

Find out how to enable two-factor authentication. launches editor role on Team Management

What's changed?

All our emails now use unified styles. Their updated styling means they're more legible, look great, and all communication from us to you, or you to your bookers look consistent across the board.

What's fixed?

Some account warnings had a missing icon for a short time but we swiftly managed to get it back to showing the correct icon.

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