Our team is focused on making sure that your team can hit the ground running with YouCanBookMe without any hassle. 

We’re continually fine-tuning our Team Management feature so you can onboard and manage teams of any size. With that in mind, we’ve heard from larger organizations that managing and creating pages for a lot of team members can be unwieldy.

So we’ve made some changes to the scheduling tool that are all about saving the Account Owner’s time.

First, we’ve made it easier for Account Owners to search and filter team members.

You can search using their email, role or status.

  • Want to assign new booking pages to a specific person? Jump directly to them by searching for their email.
  • Looking to change the team roles of your colleagues? Filter by role to narrow down the list.
  • Need to nudge team members that haven't joined the team yet? Filter by status.

Making YouCanBook.me the best scheduling tool for teams


We've also added one-click references on how to set up your team, and the different roles available, on the Team Management page.

The Team Management function can help make onboarding and managing your team a breeze. Find out how now

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