No show management


Unless you’re giving away money - or free ice cream🍦 - in your meetings, you’ve probably had to deal with no-shows.

Whether it happens once a day or once a month, when someone doesn’t turn up for a meeting, it’s a huge inconvenience that knocks you out of your stride.

You’ve got to track them down, figure out why it happened, and try to squeeze them in again another time. 

Whether you're dealing with sales prospects, students, or job candidates, no-shows mean you’ve wasted time and lost productivity.

We know things like SMS reminders are a great way to reduce no-shows. 

But we also know, sometimes, they just happen. 

So we’re introducing new ways to efficiently deal with no-shows, letting you get back to your more productive meetings faster. 

In just a few clicks, you can:

  • Quickly mark the booking as a no-show 
  • Automatically trigger a new, no-show email or SMS to the booker
  • Disable any scheduled notifications that are no longer appropriate

To get started, head to the Notifications > Actions area of your booking page settings. 

You’ll see a new trigger for actions that will only happen “If booking is marked as a no-show”:

Update 10_ No-show actions settings

You can create a specially worded email or SMS message to be sent any time you mark a booking as a no-show.

If your first thoughts of what to say aren’t appropriate for a family website 😉 ... try some of these:

  • If it’s a video call, resend the link in an SMS so they can still join the meeting.
  • If you have a no-show policy, you might want to remind the person of the consequences.
  • If you really need to meet with them, send an email with your link so they can schedule for another time.

Next time someone doesn’t show up for a meeting, you can mark them as a no-show on the Bookings dashboard.

Update 10_ mark booking as no-show-1

When you do that, you will see a prompt to let you edit and confirm the no-show notifications that will be triggered. It will also let you prevent any future notifications from being sent.

Update 10_ No-show action confirmationThe no-show tag will appear on the Bookings dashboard and in all your data exports so you’ll be able to monitor how many you get - and if there are any repeat offenders!  

We may not be able to eliminate all your no-shows for you. 

But we can eliminate the manual tasks associated with them. Let YouCanBookMe sweat the small stuff, so you can focus on the big wins!


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