Bookings dashboard pagination

It’s not very often that you need to log into your YouCanBookMe account. Pretty much everything you need is in your calendar or in your email inbox. 

But every now and then, you need to find an appointment, or a group of appointments. 

Maybe you’re double checking details ahead of a meeting. Or maybe you need to edit the information a client used when they scheduled.. 

Or perhaps you want to analyze the number of appointments you had in a month, or quarter. 

Whatever you’re looking for, it’s now a lot easier to find what you need by heading to your YCBM account Bookings Dashboard. 

We’ve made the search experience even better. Let’s take a look! 


The first thing you’ll notice is a more streamlined look. We’ve reduced the clutter and added pagination so you see 10 meeting records per page. You can easily tab through the pages, or you can search.

past bookings


Searching has become much easier, with more options for finding a range of appointments, including 

  • upcoming appointments
  • past appointments
  • within a date range (manually choose dates or click on presets like Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, This month, Next month)

booking filter

And when you’ve found the correct group of appointments, you can get a bit more specific with filtering. 


Filter groups of bookings based on status, for example, Undecided (if you use the Tentative feature), Canceled, or marked as a No-Show

Or you can filter for appointments from a specific booking page.

cancelled bookings

Please note, Account Contributors have a restricted view of appointments. They won’t be able to filter based on the booking page, but they will see the Status filter. 

So whatever you need to find, find it faster with these updates. And keep an eye on your inbox, we’ve got more booking management improvements on the way!

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