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We're very excited this month to tell you about our new beta functionality — Team management & centralized billing!

With this new way of managing your team:

  • it's easier to access team members' calendars and add them to booking pages
  • team members can integrate their own Zoom accounts to generate unique Zoom links for new bookings
  • you can assign different roles to different users. Allow some users to only share their integrations so you can add them to booking pages, or make someone an Administrator to allow them to edit and manage booking pages and bookings,
  • and, billing for the whole team is in one place, keeping everything streamlined and centralized.

Head over to our Team Management support doc to find out more about how to get started.

Kayleigh Bingham

Written by

Kayleigh Bingham

Kayleigh is a Product Manager at YoucanBook.me. She's passionate about putting our customers at the center of everything we do. Pen and paper in hand, and never far from some post-its, Kayleigh is always working on ways to add more value to our product.

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