Bookings dashboard update modal

If you’re taking lots of bookings, or working as part of a large team, we know the dashboard can fill up quickly with all those meetings. And every click counts! 

So we’ve streamlined the look and workflow of the bookings dashboard to make it easier - and faster - to manage your bookings.

Here’s a quick tour!

booking modal

Managing bookings 

You’ll see that booking details now open in a modal so you stay on the page and access the information faster. 

Inside the modal, you’ll be able to 

  • edit booking information
  • cancel & reschedule appointments
  • accept or reject tentative bookings
  • resent notifications as needed


You may remember from our last update that finding individual bookings is easier, too, with fast searching options based on date range, status or per booking page.


Account Owners and Administrators can export booking data based on the search parameters. And you can send the .csv file to any email address.

Export bookings

There’s so much you can learn from your booking data. So get analyzing and see what it reveals for you! 🔍


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