is WCAG 2.0 compliant


First off, we want to share that our latest accessibility improvements mean our booking pages are now WCAG 2.0 AA compliant!

It means that our booking pages are accessible to a wider range of people. To read about our commitment to accessibility, and what assistive technologies and browsers we support, you can visit our Accessibility Statement.

What's new?

We've added the option for you to generate your own API key from your account settings. Customers previously had to access their key via our Support team so we know that, for those using our API, this will save time.

Head over to our API Knowledge Base article to find out more about accessing and using our API.

What's changed?

  • Replies to SMS notifications are now sent to the appropriate team member rather than the account owner. This will prevent account owners from having to forward these SMS replies to their team and save them time.
  • We've updated some of our warnings to be clearer and proactively tell you about things happening on your account.
  • There's also improved messaging for trial users to let them know what's included, and what happens when the trial ends.

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