add up to 30 calendar accounts to a single account

integrate multiple Calendar accounts with your YCBM account... - requires paid plan

How does it work? needs to integrate with a Calendar Account, using permissions you set.

It means that your YCBM account will be able to view/edit and delete events on all the calendars (you nominate) on that account. It is possible on Professional and Business plans to integrate with more than one Calendar Account.

This is not the same thing as using multiple calendars which you can do within one integrated Calendar account - any calendars which are shared (to the level of 'make changes to events') with this main account will also be seen by your YCBM profile.

Why Do You Need It?

In order to take bookings via a profile, you need to integrate an online calendar account, to manage your actual availability.

The permissions you grant to YCBM allows it to view, create and delete events on any calendars you nominate. If you are managing more than one calendar or using the teams feature, then those calendars need to be 'shared' with your integrated Calendar Account and you will be able to see them on your YCBM account.

How to use this feature

When you set up your account for the first time, you will usually be shown the 'integrations' page, to allow you to grant YCBM permissions to view your calendar:

Depending on which stage of the set up wizard you've completed, if you need to change anything you can go to the 'integrations' tab in the top right hand corner drop-down.

This will give YCBM access to the calendars on ONE Account. The system supports integrating more than one calendar Account on Professional and Business level subscriptions only.

Currently you can link to Google, Apple iCloud,, Fruux and CalDAV. We have plans to add more Calendar accounts (like Yahoo, AOL) soon. plugs straight into your existing online calendar. You can integrate and combine availability from multiple Calendar accounts - iCloud, Google,, CalDAV, whatever you need to get your schedule working the way you need.You can have one account integrated on the free and premium, 2 different accounts integrated on Professional and up to 30 integrated accounts on Business plans