view your booking records

track your records in as well as your calendar

How does it work?

There's a report page for all the bookings on each of your profiles. You get a list of all the bookings in the system, and you can download a spreadsheet of all the data or click to drilldown for extra information and options for a particular booking.

Why Do You Need It?

While you have full access and control to all your booking data on your calendar, you might find our additional data tools really help. You can drilldown to view everything we know about a particular booking. Plus there are extra buttons to manage things in various ways, such as resending your confirmation

How to use this feature

To access the list of bookings, just go to your dashboard and click on the 'bookings' button for any of your profiles. You can also access the data from the 'view/download all data' link on Your Account page.

Select a date range for your bookings (up to 3 months) and the filters you need and the bookings list will populate.

Once you've got the bookings displayed, click the 'details' button for more information about each booking. This page has a number of elements. First of all, if you are using our tentative bookings feature and the booking has not yet been accepted or rejected, you will see buttons at the top to do so.

There's a summary of information about the booking, including on the right data about any email or SMS reminders that are due, or have already been sent.

Further down, you can also see all the information that was asked and answered on the booking form. At the bottom of the page, you will see a number of buttons that will help you to interact with your customers regarding that booking.

Exporting booking data to a spreadsheet

After setting the date range, profile and keyword parameters, upgraded users can click the 'export as spreadsheet' button at the left to download a spreadsheet of all the booking data on that profile. The export will be a .tsv file, which you can then import into a spreadsheet. We recommend Google Sheets, but you can also use Excel.

Importing the .tsv file - Google

1.Open Google sheets and create a blank spreadsheet.

2.Click on 'file', then 'import'.

3.Upload the .tsv file.

Importing the .tsv file - Excel

1.Open Excel

2.Click on 'file', then 'open'.

3.Navigate to the folder that the .tsv file is in

3.Navigate to the folder that the .tsv file is in

4.Click the All Excel Files drop-down and select All Files (* . *)

Please note: in order to get all of the answers from the booking form into the export, you will need to set a shorthand code for each question. Find out more about shorthand codes here.

You can access full records of each booking and cancellation inside your dashboard. You can view, cancel, reschedule and keep a record of every customer interaction and download it into a spreadsheet. Upgraded plans can even download them in a spreadsheet.