link your availability to a Google or iCloud calendar

avoid that 'sync-ing' feeling

How does it work?

When you set up, you need to link at least one Google or iCloud account so can access your calendars. This means that your actual availability is shown on your booking profile, directly from your calendar. Your customers can click to book you and your YCBM adds an event direct to your calendar.

Why Do You Need It?

If you are already using an online calendar to manage your schedule, your bookings will go straight into your schedule. You don't need to worry about managing a separate calendar tool. If you manage things through Apple or Google, they take care of your calendar, and builds on top, to take care of your bookings.

How to use this feature

The main thing to understand about the way our system works, is that we don't keep a separate "version of events" on the YCBM side. Everything to do with the calendaring side of things is handled by iCal or GCal. We limit ourselves to the process of managing a booking for you and getting it into your calendar.

This means we never need to do any kind of 'sync'. Once you nominate which of your calendars we should use for your availability, we simply report your free and busy times direct from it. And when an new booking comes in, it simply gets added to that calendar as a regular event, just like any others you might create manually.

There's a lot of advantages to working this way. The main one is that you can manage all your bookings as easily as the rest of your activities. To reschedule an event to a different time - just drag and drop on your calendar. To cancel a booking - simply delete the event. You can work through a browser, a desktop application, your tablet or even a smart phone.

Which Apple or Google account do you want to link to?

To see which calendars YCBM can access, just look at the top of the basic tab on your settings. All the calendars we are connecting to will be listed, with the 'target' calendar (where the new event will be created) marked out in bold. To link to a different calendar, just click the 'change' button.

When you click you will see a list of available calendars.

Users with free accounts can choose one calendar on the left side of the screen. Users on our paid plan can link to more than one calendar.

Choose the calendar on the left that you want to YCBM to look at your availability. Then click 'done'.

After the page has saved you should see the preview at the bottom of the screen update. Slots will be bookable only for those times that you are free on the selected calendar.

Note: If you are using our teams feature then the above steps won't be possible. This is because 'teams' is essentially an alternative way to manage your link through to the Calendar side.

Don't see the calendar you want? You can share or integrate with other calendars so YCBM can see them

If you realise that the calendar you want to use is associated with another Google or Apple account, you have several options. You can either share that calendar with the account that is linked to your YCBM, or you can change the account altogether and integrate with a different calendar account. You can read more about how multiple calendars work on this separate help page.

YouCanBook.Me takes the information from your chosen calendars about your free and busy times and displays it on an online bookable grid.