Using iCloud with

You can now take bookings directly into your iCloud calendars

How does it work?

Integrate your account with an iCloud calendar account and have new bookings entered directly into your Apple calendar.

What do you get then?

Pretty much everything in YCBM will work with iCal (see below for a few exceptions) people will be able to book straight into your iCal and any calendar shared with it. Lovely!

Linking your account

Log in to YCBM as usual and you'll see the iCloud logo enabled on your Integrations page. The system will require you to enter your log in information for your iCloud account - there are two ways:

  1. (RECOMMENDED) Setting an App-specific password - read more about it on Apple's help pages. Apple strongly recommends users set an app-specific password for all third party tools like
  2. Using your iCloud password which will integrate the two accounts.

Once you have integrated your account, go to the 'Dashboard' in, click on 'Edit Profile' and look at the Basic tab. When you click on 'Change' it will open up to show you all the calendars you can now link to.

You can select and combine multiple calendars on the left hand side. You need to select which calendar will receive the booking. All iCloud calendars shared with you will appear here.

Setting up your times

Once you are happy you have the calendar you want, you are ready to set up your booking slots.

The 'Times' tab is the place to start - set your outline times and hours here.

You can set fixed start and end dates. On the Advanced tab, you can set fixed start and end dates, or a minimum/maximum advance notice period.

Check out other features like padding (not the same as travel time in iCal which isn't supported at this time).

Using On Duty

There is a feature in YCBM which allows you to set specfic slots - rather than try and control it all via the above settings. This works great in iCloud, but there is just a limit on which device you use to set it up.

In order for On Duty to work, you create 'slots' in your calendar, which indicate to YCBM when you want to take booking (much like office hours, or appointment times).

The events you create need to be set to 'Show As Free' which is a setting you can find under Edit Event in your iCal App. For some reason you are NOT able to access this setting under 'Get Info' in the laptop version of the software.

So in conclusion, if you want to use On Duty you need to set the slots up on your phone or iPad to populate your calendar with available slots.

Sending/sharing your booking page

Once you are set up with the times you are happy with, sending out the URL, embedding your profile on a webpage, or managing it on FB is exactly the same as you can do normally - people will see your free and busy times, fill out their details and book you. Nice!

Known issues

  • It's not possible to enable 'add invitees' (in the way Google guests work)
  • On Duty appointments need to be created from the mobile iCal app (to enable 'show me as free')
  • Calendar updates on can take a while to synch with mobile and Mac Apps.
  • Timezone support needs to be enabled on all settings and Apple devices (including Please look at this page for more information about getting the correct timezone settings.
  • Travelling time in iCal is not supported (use padding instead in YCBM)