mobile friendly grids

no more squinting and sideways scrolling on smaller screens

How does it work?

Mobile-friendly software expands and contracts your booking grid to fit whatever screen it's being viewed on.

Why Do You Need It?

Mobile-friendly grids and booking forms mean they fit in the page, no matter what the size.

How to use this feature

All grids will automatically change shape to fit the screen they are being viewed on.

The most obvious difference you will see is a grid that, on a desktop, spreads horizontally across a page like this:

will split into a column view, like this:

By default, profiles embedded on your website will be set to "pop" out of the page on a mobile phone or tablet. We recommend this because it allows easier navigation on smaller screens.

To make sure your users continue to see your branding, you can add your logo and any text you would like - as well as a link back to your website - in the header field on the Appearance tab.

By default, the code you get from YCBM to embed your schedule will be set to "skip header/footer". This means that the header will not show when the grid is embedded on your website, but it will appear when the page breaks out, so your branding and messaging remains intact.

This is also the case if someone cancels a booking through the link on their confirmation email, for example. That process takes them to one of our pages, but if you add a logo and text it can look more like your own website page.

If you want your schedule to remain in your page, you can deactivate this setting on the Appearance tab > 'header/footer'.

It's important to be aware that this may cause some difficulties with the navigation on smaller screens so please test it thoroughly.

Finding and viewing your schedule on a mobile phone or tablet is easy-peasy with responsive formatting that makes your schedule and booking form easy to see and easy to navigate.