don't double book yourself - index all your calendars at once

combine your work and personal availability - requires paid plan

How does it work?

On upgraded plans, you can link to as many calendars as you need at a cost of $10 per calendar, per month. So if you need 2 it would be $20 per month and so on. One of these calendars is nominated to be the ‘target’ (where new bookings will be created). It is all controlled on the basic tab of edit profile. Free accounts can only link to one calendar at a time.

Why Do You Need It?

This is the feature for you if you need to show free time, only when you are free on every calendar. It is also a way of showing a time free when more than one person needs to be free together (although you still can only manage the actual booking in one of those calendars)

How to use this feature

To link to more than one calendar, click the 'change' button at the top of the 'basic' tab. A box will open with two lists in, one with checkboxes and the other with radio buttons.

On the left hand side, all the calendars that Google are reporting for your account are listed. Just check the box alongside all the ones you need us to consider when displaying your availability. YouCanBook.Me will only take bookings for you at times that you are free on all the calendars you select.

As you make your choices, you will see the other list updating with everything you have selected. Now you need to nominate which of the calendars will become your 'target' - i.e. the one where we should create the new event for each booking.

Once you have finished working with the two lists, click 'done' and then Save. The list at the top of the basic tab shows all the calendars we are linking to.

The target calendar will be shown in bold.

The permissions you grant the YCBM system allows it to view, create and delete events on any calendars you nominate. You can also manage more than one calendar account (such as both a Microsoft AND a Google Account or use the teams feature. All external calendars need to be 'shared' with your Integrated Calendar Accounts and you will be able to see them on your YCBM account.

(Google has published a number of useful calendars that you can import to your account. Please note that the National Holiday calendars set the public holidays as an "Available" event so they will not automatically block your availability. If you want to be unavailable on a national holiday, you will need to create an event set to "busy" to block the day in YCBM).

Linking to multiple calendars in YouCanBook.Me allows you to combine all the different parts of your life into one grid of availability. Free accounts can only link to one calendar at a time. Upgraded plans can link to multiple calendars from more than one Calendar Account at a cost of $10 per calendar, per month.