padding appointments

avoid back to back bookings - requires paid plan

How does it work?

Padding works 'exclusively' to your booking times. Which means if you set padding to 20 minutes, when you are booked for a 20 minute appointment, the system will automatically block 20 minutes before and after, so you never get back to back bookings.

The minimum padding is determined by the minimum slot-length your grid displays (for example you can't set a 5 minute pad, when the grid is only set to display 60 minutes only).

Padding works best when your booking duration, and your pad is the same (such as 30 minutes).

If you need padding to be 10 minutes long, you need to set your slot length to display 10 mins, to allow for that time to be taken off either side.

Why Do You Need It?

Perhaps you need time at the start of each booking to prepare for it. Or maybe you need time at the end to clear up. You can also use this feature to simply make sure your client facing time is nicely spread out through the day, with padding between each to catch up on the paperwork.

How to use this feature

Padding defaults to the minimum slot length display that you set on the Times tab. You can then increase padding by multiples of this amount.

When this is set, will only show as available those time slots that can hold the number of minutes required for both the booking AND the padding.

One thing to be aware of - this will not change the start times on your grid, it will just look for those existing times that can accommodate the padding.

Here's an example using 60 minute appointments and 30 minutes of padding:

‚ÄčIf there is an existing appointment in your calendar from 10-11, the 30 minute padding setting will prevent a booking at 9:30. It will also prevent a booking at 11. So the available times will show as 8:30-9:30 and 11:30-12:30.

If you are available at 9am, then you could take a booking from 9-10am. But the next booking that comes in wouldn't see an available time at 10, it would only see 10:30 as free.


There are other ways to block your time, rather than use padding. Paid accounts can use the slots feature in our On Duty feature where you can specify slots in your calendar, rather than try and pad out your bookings automatically.

You could also set your durations to be 'inclusive' of clear up time - so you advertise a booking which has a technical duration of 1 hour, even if you advertise it as for 45 mins only.

It is possible to remove the references to durations in your emails and default text by deleting {DURATION}.

Padding is a way to automatically block out a fixed period of time before and after each booking, to allow for clean up or travel. The minimum padding is determined by your minimum slot length. For example if your grid displays 15 minute slots, then the minimum padding the system would add is 15 minutes.