take credit card payments

because time is money!

How does it work?

Take advantage of our integration with Stripe to easily take payments for the services you offer. A credit card form is automatically added to the booking process so the payment is made before the booking can be completed.

Why Do You Need It?

Why worry about settling up after a booking happens? Take payments at the time of booking without your customers leaving your website. Gain peace of mind that you have already been paid for your time and reduce no shows !

How to use this feature

Our integration with Stripe makes taking payments a simple 2-step process that gets you up and running right away.

1. Go to the gear symbol at the top right hand corner and select Integrations from the dropdown menu.

2. Click on the Stripe button and follow the instructions to set up a Stripe account by filling out a simple form. You will be able to enter location, currency and bank details.

When your Stripe account is set up, go to the Dashboard, then Edit Profile. Find the Payments tab.

Here, you can set the currency and price for your bookings, and create the description that you will see on your Stripe statement. (Users on our paid plan can also set prices directly on the Services tab).

At this stage, a field for the price, plus a credit card form (including CVC and expiry date) will be added to your booking form.

That's it!

When someone makes a booking with you, they will need to enter correct credit card details in order to complete the booking. If there is an error with the card, they will see a message directly from Stripe about what might be wrong and how they can fix it. The payment is confirmed immediately, which will allow the booking to go through.

Stripe fees

Stripe does charge for taking payments, but they have a very competitive and simple charging mechanism. See https://stripe.com/pricing for full details.

In addition, YouCanBook.me takes a 1% commission for each payment you take.


At the moment, YouCanBook.me isn't able to automatically refund payments. If someone cancels a booking they have paid for through YouCanBook.me, any refunds would need to be done through your Stripe account dashboard. You can read more about how to do that on this page.

While Stripe will automatically refund all (or some) of their transaction fees, unfortunately their system is currently unable to automatically refund YouCanBook.me's 1% commission charge. In the future, we hope this will change, but at the moment this commission charge is therefore non-refundable.

Limits on setting up Stripe accounts

Stripe is working hard to roll out across the world, but it's not quite there yet. It is currently available for customers in these countries.

Make your bookings dependent on payment. Credit card details can be entered directly into your booking form so you know payment is confirmed before the booking takes place.