set a price for your bookings

name your price

How does it work?

Tell us how much your rate is, or how much each of your Services are. We'll calculate the rest!

Why Do You Need It?

Tell your customers up front how much your time will cost. Let us calculate and quote the cost based on your rate. Premium and Professional users can set individual prices for each Service provided.

How to use this feature

The simplest way to set a price or fee for each booking is to check the box on the Payments tab and set a rate for your time. Change the currency symbol to whatever makes sense for your charges (you can use the symbol or a simple three letter code for your currency here).

By default, the only effect on your booking process is that a 'price' item will be added to your booking form. But there's much more you can do!

For example, you might want to add something like this to the Afterwards tab > 'messages' (this is the message that is displayed when a booking is completed).

Which will produce a result like this:

You can use the same "{PRICE}" field in the email that is sent to the user, or in the title of the new calendar event (both found on the Afterwards tab,) or anywhere else in your booking process. This works in the same way as all other mail merge fields.

Calculating different prices

If you have fixed a rate, the system can calculate the total if you use our durations feature. This simply means that the {PRICE} for a two hour booking will be double that for a one hour booking.

If you are a on a Premium or Professional plan and are using our units per slot feature you will see that this can also factor in to how prices are calculated.

Here's an example with a rate of $100 per hour:

  • A booking for one person for one hour would display the price as $100.
  • A booking for two people for one hour would show the price as $200.
  • A booking for two people for two hours would show the price as $400.

If your prices don't calculate that easily, for example, a 1 hour session doesn't equal the price of two 30 minute sessions, you might want to upgrade to a Premium or Professional plan and use our Services feature. This allows you to set a separate price for each Service you offer. If you allow users to book more than one service at the same time, the {PRICE} will be calculated accordingly.

(When working with services, number of units is a factor).

Configure the system to calculate the price for individual Services or at an hourly rate.