redirect to a specific URL after the booking

control exactly what happens at the end of the booking process - requires paid plan

How does it work?

When someone books you, they will see both a confirmation message (which you have complete control over) and get an email.

But on Pro plans you also have the option of redirecting them to a specific webpage (either back to your own site, or to a webpage you are tracking the analytics for).

Why Do You Need It?

The end of the booking process is an important part of the journey for your customer. You need to present a nice, personalized message to let them know everything is in hand with their booking.

How to use this feature

Go to a URL

One option is to host your 'thank you' page on your own website somewhere. This could be a simple page alongside the rest of your web content, but not included in your site navigation links anywhere - the only way to link through to it would be through making a booking.

The big advantage to this option is that it closes the loop in terms of our systems integration with the rest of your user's interaction with your online. Rather than reaching a 'dead end' after making a booking, you can bounce them along to the next activity you want them to achieve.

When using this option, you can include any information about the booking by embedding the corresponding dynamic field in the link. For example ...{REF}

... would pass back our booking reference when the user returns.

Conversion tracking with analytics

If you are using a system like Google Analytics to track your conversions, you probably want to use the second of these two options. By specifying a 'success' page on your main website, you will get the automatic benefit of any tracking code included on that page.

Display a message

Here's some ideas about what you might include:

  • Some wording to make it clear to the user what has just happened. Have they completed all the steps you need them to do?
  • Let them know if you have also configured our system to send them an email. It will most likely be waiting for them in their inbox.
  • Driving directions.
  • Information about what to bring along for their booking.

If you are using our tentative bookings feature, you might want to make it clear to the user at this point that the booking isn't yet confirmed and that you will be in touch to accept or reject their request.

If you are using our payments integration, the system might have already included a line here about this. You are free to change the text of the this message to anything that would make sense for your users.

When your user completes their booking process they are presented with a 'thank you' message that you have complete control over. But you can also set up a redirect rule to a specific URL you specify.