Take control of scheduling meetings and appointments

Scheduling is hard work. Use our powerful features to make scheduling fast and easy.

Personalized booking grid

Manage your availability

Flexible schedule and availability

Set up a regular weekly schedule or customize for every week. Complete control over when you want to schedule meetings.

Duration and appointment padding

Offer fixed appointment durations or give customers a choice. Add padding between appointments for preparation or travel time.

Time zones automatically detected

Time zones completely solved. We automatically detect time zones so everyone sees the right times.

Customizable notifications

Confirmations and reminders

Brand and customize confirmation emails. Reduce no shows with email and SMS reminders.

Customize your calendar events

Set up how new booking events appear in your calendar. Include information entered by customers at time of booking.

Automated follow-up emails

Send follow-up emails after your meeting to thank customers or outline next steps.

Example reminder and confirmation emails

Total control over your booking page style

Choose from a variety of themes and easily customize with your own colours, fonts and even CSS.

Customize your theme to match your brand

Your colors, your fonts, your brand

Customize the experience - seamlessly match your brand with your colors and fonts.

Complete control of your style with CSS

Take your branding to the next level. Use CSS to style your booking page exactly the way you need.

Works across all devices

Bookings from anywhere. Use YouCanBook.me on mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Manage team availability

Manage the availability of your entire team

Share your entire team availability in one place. Display different availability based on the selected team member no matter where in the world they are.

Team member selection

Let bookers choose who they'd like to meet with or just show the availability of the entire team in one booking grid.

Tentative bookings

Complete control over your bookings. Accept or reject bookings before they are confirmed in your calendar.

Select team member to book

Manage your bookings

Configurable booking form

Complete control over your booking form questions. Get the information you need for every booking.

Multiple bookings per slot

Take more than one booking per time slot. Great for group meetings and webinars

View and export bookings

View your upcoming appointments. Cancel, reschedule and rebook. Export booking data to csv for detailed reporting.

View and export bookings


Calendar integration

Avoid double bookings. Check your availability across multiple Google, iCloud and Microsoft (Beta) calendars.

Gmail integration

Improve delivery rates by sending your notification emails via your own Gmail account. Keep a record of all notifications sent.

Zapier & Stripe integration

Send your booking data to 100's of apps with Zapier. Connect your Stripe account and take payments for bookings.

Zapier, Stripe and Gmail logos

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